Thanks for actually stopping to read this. Since you did so, I’m going to make sure that this page is worth reading for you!! So why did you stop to read this page?? Because you had nothing else to do?? Because you were in the mood for reading a blog??? Because you thought the title was so compelling?? Because you are really busy and wanted to take a break???

Whatever reason, sometimes we really need to stop in life.Life can be so mechanical at times. Doing almost the same things everyday. Going around the same routine like a tick-tock clock! That’s why we tend to miss a lot of beautiful things in life. Maybe stopping for a little while and appreciating the little things in life that make up the big picture, wouldn’t do us any harm, would it?
Stop ,observe!!!

Observe what? is your question right??? Observe things around you…the things we come across everyday. For example, I’m going to tell you about something phenomenal I observed a few days ago.There’s a construction site nearby. I cross this site every time I go somewhere. But one day as I was walking back home from church, I was just watching how the workers transferred the bricks. It was a multi-storey building and the steps were not constructed yet. The workers had to take the bricks to the top most floor which was under construction.Carrying the bricks and climbing on ladders would be tedious so they had invented their own style. There was one person standing on each floor of the building. The worker on the ground floor would throw a brick which, the one on the first floor has to catch..and then he will pass it on to the next one and so on. Lots of throwing involved I guess. But what impressed me was that every worker knew exactly how much force to give for the brick to reach the next one..If the G-force exceeds his force,he has to go home bleeding.The workers don’t watch out for the brick or anything..they just reach out and the brick’s in their hand. Perfect timing!! I was completely awestruck! Sometimes,we are like too busy or too frustratedย  to actually stand and observe.You must have heard the story of Robert Bruce and the spider a zillion times. If not,click here. Robert was in a veryย  hopeless state. Not knowing what he should do next after a series of defeat..He could have planted his face in his hand and just cried or he could have lamented about his fate. But even when everything seemed hopeless,he chose to observe the spider from which he drew his strength and inspiration. Awesome,don’t you think? So my question for you-you probably see a lot of things,how many do you observe???


Yeah,stop and listen!! I often feel bad that I don’t have anyone my age near my house. But there are a bunch of kids nearby who gather in the street everyday for their playtime. They play the most bizarre games you could ever think off! One evening it was raining, so they sat around in a balcony and settled for some serious talk( atleast,that’s how they called it! )I was sitting in our porch and couldn’t resist listening to them!!! And eventually, I was carried back to my own childhood..the old memories, which are not actually old!! There was this innocence in their speech which I loved the most…that was a memorable evening for me.you know,when you’re bored or stressed out,just come out and feel the air..the rustle of the leaves and the chirping of the birds…listen to silly conversations around you and laugh your heart out! So my question for you-you hear a lot of things,what did you listen to today???


SMILE!!ย Just love this five letter word ๐Ÿ™‚ magical,don’t you think?? A smile can light up anyone’s bad day…There are less fortunate people sitting outside our church who ask for help from people attending the Sunday service. We’ve been taught to help the poor, and so no one hesitates to give alms to those people. But I was just wondering, how many times do we really feel sorry for these people or pray for them? Wouldn’t it make a great difference in their lives if we gave them a few coins and just smiled?? It would,for sure! Smile at your loved ones, even if you feel grumpy or even if you had a bad day..It would not only make the other person’s day special but yours too! Try it,it works! So my question for you-you help a lot of people but how much love do you put into it?

Stop,give thanks!!!

This is the most important thing I guess. Stop to give thanks. We’ve been blessed ,don’t you think? Don’t say no! you’ve been blessed with good health and necessary facilities to be sitting there and reading this page! So we need to stop now and then to thank God for all He’s given us. But,you have to give thanks in the storm too,not just in the calm.We must thank God for actually holding us during those times! We know we will get through!!! Don’t forget, no matter how hard your struggle is, someone out there is fighting a harder battle. Give thanks to people around you too. This will really help strengthen bonds. Just a smile and a thank you! Doesn’t cost anything, right? So my question for you-you probably complained about a lot of bad things,but did you say thanks for the good ones?


You didn’t see this coming,did you?? Blogging is really a good thing to do.If you’re not the blogging kind, you can very well write in something else..like you can have your own diary to record your memories. Or you can write poems,stories. Once you hold that pen ,or you sit for typing, it’s a whole new world. You just have to experience that to know how we bloggers feel. So my question for you-haven’t started blogging yet??? ๐Ÿ™‚

9 thoughts on “Hey,stop!!!

  1. Pearlyn,… this is an amazing article… I would not call it a blog post.. This looks like a professional article.. I ma sure rani gamma will keep talking about this for the next 1 week.. or your next blog.. which ever is sooner ๐Ÿ™‚ I guess I have to STOP now……

  2. Hey, LynAn! I found you through Truth and Cake, and am so delighted! I love this description of the workers at the construction site. How easy is it to simply go about our days and miss out on all of these marvelous things going on around us? Thanks for the reminder to stay in tune with my surroundings. Best of luck in your blogging adventures!

    • Hey bravejuice! Thanks a lot for dropping by ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m glad my post delighted you! You are so right,we often fail to see the beauty in little things!!! Thanks for your comment and happy blogging to you too ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Great writing. Piece of advice though; I don’t know if it’s just me but writing “cos” instead of “because” can be a bit irritating. Also, there’re usually spaces after commas and periods. Lastly, try putting in bold the phrases you have in red, and remove the bold from everything else. But again, really cheerful and positive piece, keep writing ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Okrios! Thank you so much for your valuable feedback! As I read it, I realise you’re right. “Coz” is quite irritating, mainly because I’ve used it more than once, that too very close to each other, so I’ll definitely make that change! Will also work on the formatting as you said. Thanks again! Very nice of you to drop by!

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