The crybaby in me

I am an absolute crybaby when it comes to movies that are touching. If you had been reading my posts, then you’d know how cancer is such a frightening thing in my life. Seeing both grandma and grandpa die of cancer was not an easy thing. So if there’s a movie involving a cancer patient… Continue reading The crybaby in me

What cancer can’t do

I love visiting my grandparents’. Now all that remains is a house that once carried the warmth my gama(grandma) and thatha(grandpa) generated. Yet, I still look forward to staying there when I get the chance because that is second home to me. The minute I step into the house memories of my happy days with… Continue reading What cancer can’t do

Here’s to more blogging!

Here I am again! Once again abandoned my blog for several months! Sigh! I’m beginning to hate myself for that! But now I’m here with pretty BIG news! I’m officially out of Facebook and WhatsApp.Not just deactivated/uninstalled,just plain DELETED! Yes, it’s a huge plunge all of a sudden, but I did it and I’m sure… Continue reading Here’s to more blogging!

Forward it or you’ll die!!!!

The title sounds familiar, doesn’t it???? You must have read it numerous times in ur text messages or your so called chain mails…This is the latest text message I received :” On May 9, we are celebrating mothers’ day..Pass this message to at least 2o people within 2 days..If you don’t ,it means you don’t… Continue reading Forward it or you’ll die!!!!