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When shorthands become too short

Shorthands. Some blame it on the character limits on texts, some on conforming to the trend, some on sheer laziness, some on the inadequacy of time itself. And this is not even a teen or an young adult thing anymore. When my “Take care, grandma” was responded with a “K.Tx.U2”, I knew, this thing just… Continue reading When shorthands become too short

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I don’t want a spoon, show me the tap!!

It’s crazy how difficult it is to find restaurants that read “Indian” in India! πŸ˜€ Especially in metros, where you can easily spot Chinese, American, Italian, Mexican, Thai and myriads of other cuisines but will have to do some legwork to land in a good Indian restaurant. Lucky enough for me, we did spot a… Continue reading I don’t want a spoon, show me the tap!!