Dying one final time

“At least 15 people commit suicide in India every hour.” Honestly, for how many of us is this sentence blood curdling? I guess none, or just a few. The rest of us read this sentence sans emotion, just like we would read any other piece of news. Suicide has become so common and so often… Continue reading Dying one final time

When shorthands become too short

Shorthands. Some blame it on the character limits on texts, some on conforming to the trend, some on sheer laziness, some on the inadequacy of time itself. And this is not even a teen or an young adult thing anymore. When my “Take care, grandma” was responded with a “K.Tx.U2”, I knew, this thing just… Continue reading When shorthands become too short


Plagiarism is no longer an undiagnosed disease that silently creeps in and kills. People are more aware than ever of its deadly impacts that they would do anything to keep it off. With plagiarism being one of the most talked about topics today, I would do no good to the reading community by jotting down… Continue reading Camouflaged

Falling in love with the journey

ALERT! I may get philosophical at places. Hey, I’m back to blogging after a long long break. What do you expect? 😉 After a fairly long time, I had the chance to travel by train last week. If my memory serves me right, this is my first train journey alone. There was another time when… Continue reading Falling in love with the journey

Colour play

Do endorphins get released everytime I see a play of colours? Because colours make me instantly happy!!! And India has SO much to offer when it comes to colours. I hear how bloggers from other countries wait for summer, so that they can shove all the monochromatic outfits and opt for some colour in their… Continue reading Colour play

Overnight success doesn’t exist

Hard work- I’ve been giving some hard thought to this. And have come to realise that my view of it has been heavily distorted thus far. There are three kinds of people, as is widely believed. The kind that give it their all and work hard to get going up the ladder of life. The… Continue reading Overnight success doesn’t exist