About LynAn :)

Hey there folks! Now that you took time to visit my blog, let me paint a fast picture of myself. I’m LynAn, a twenty two year old young girl with big dreams, bigger faith and exciting new journeys in front of me! As I explore them, I share my thoughts with you through this wonderful world of blogging. My passion for writing has landed me here and what an oh so exciting experience I’m having! Life has so much flavours to offer and as I taste each of them, travel together with me to know what keeps me going, what I learn from life, the everyday humour and laughter, my hits, my misses, things I love and hate. Take a tour! Let me categorize them for you.

Grab A Book

Moi et mon monde (Me and My World)

My Kaleidoscope


See Through My Eyes

Tragic Comedy

What Fuels Me

The Pannaivilai Diary

Few other posts


Happy blogging!


13 thoughts on “About LynAn :)

  1. Wow…I really like your blog! I love how strong your faith and personality are! And…haha you’re close to my age! It’s so hard to find someone close to your age in the blogosphere…haha anyway, your blog is great – I’m subscribing! 😀


    1. Thanks Tia..you’re right..it’s difficult to find someone our age or even close!!! love your blog too..wauld love to read your book soon!!! all the best 4 that…..Love,LynAn.

  2. Respected LyAn ma’am
    LyAn ma’am your way of writing is simply superb. I am also new to blogging. I think I have to learn a lot from you……When I compare mine blogs with yours I am zero….Keep up the good work ma’am for the GLORY OF GOD…GLORIA IN EXCELSIS DEO
    John Joshua

    1. Thank you for the compliment!! 🙂 As you said,Glory always to God.
      Don’t compare yours with mine.Everyone has a style of writing,so be proud of the style God has given you 🙂 I thoroughly enjoyed your post where you compared Chemistry to the Bible.awesome work.Write more!

  3. Hey, this blog is lovely 🙂
    I love how you choose to write about the little everyday things, you show a real love and appreciation for life and people. There’s a lot of maturity and detail in your work; I have much to learn from the presentation of this site.

    I hope to read more 😉

    1. Hello Suresh. Thank a lot for dropping by and your words give me reassurance and encourage me to write more! Do keep reading and once again, I appreciate your comment! 🙂

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