Savouring the unpredictability of days

Six years ago today I registered with WordPress, with no clue of what this is all about. But the idea of writing to the world thrilled me enough to make me take the plunge. Looking back at my Hello World post, I can’t help but laugh. Too much excitement written all over it. Messy grammar, thoughts, words. Six years ago, I did not think the blog would last this long.

Three years ago, when I tried my hand at homour and rambled about my disappointment with modern restaurants, I did not think it would make it to the pages of a nation-wide newspaper.

Three years ago, when I was placed in a software company for a hard core coding role, I did not think I will ever get to write again.

Two years ago, as I moved to the shiny Chennai city for my internship, I did not think I will ever fit in.

Two years ago, when I, with some sort of magical courage, requested for a role change, I did not think this blog would be convincing enough for my employer to trust my writing abilities. And I did not, for a moment, believe that I would be given the new role.

Two years ago, when I published my first and jargon-filled post on the company blog, I thought technical writing is what I will be doing in the coming days and was content with the same. I did not think things could get better than this.

One year ago, when I was thinking of ways to talk about a feature, I did not think a technical post would blossom into a beautiful little story.

9 months ago, when the idea for this blog post was conceived, I was not sure if I would be given the space to attempt such a thing or if this piece would ever see the light of day. I did not think that literature and business could blend beautifully if we get the portions right. And never did I think that exactly six years from the day I started blogging would I actually publish a company blog piece with as much passion and excitement as I would a personal piece.

All these years, if there is one thing I have observed, then it is that you never know what lies ahead. You never know what new adventures can present themselves. You never know what will happen if all you ever do is what you have been asked to do, but with passion and love. You will never know when the streak of monotony will end. But it will. And you will know how interesting your trail has been only when you finally reach a milestone and look back. Until then, let you and I just savour the unpredictabilty of life, as it comes, one day at a time.

And finally, six years ago, I did not think my sixth anniversary blog post would be made from a mobile phone. 😀


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