From a picky eater to a foodie of sorts

I used to be a picky eater. A very picky eater. Food was for survival, nothing more. I loved eating mom-made food but I was never really all pumped up when something special was being made, like most foodies are. I have heard food lovers go on and on about the ecstasy of taking in the aroma of freshly cooked food, of getting the first bite, of taste buds getting tickled, of savoring different cuisines and of the satisfaction of a hearty meal. While this is all really interesting to listen to, I never understood their love for food. The only thing that ever got me excited was tea.

This naturally meant my portions were usually small and gobbling down food was a habit. In our part of the world, biriyani is the king of all food. It is not everyday that biriyani is cooked in homes, but for any special occasion, there HAS TO BE biriyani. When a friend comes with a lunchbox full of biriyani to school/college, people just pounce on the box to get a share. And trust me, I am not exaggerating. When biriyani is brought, the classroom is a war zone. And me? I just wanted peace!


Things remained the same even after I joined work. I was often advised how my poor eating habits will do me no good. And every time my friends are snacking on something and I politely decline or seem uninterested, they give me the “You don’t know what you are missing” stare. I am also pretty bad at ordering food at hotels. I’m like, “Meh, whatever! Someone order for me, please?” And some good soul will have mercy on me and put some food on my plate before they go ahead and feast.

Now, all this seems like a distant memory to me, because things have pretty much turned upside down now. I have no idea how this transformation happened, but it has! I wouldn’t call it a gradual development either. All of a sudden I find myself drooling over food and I need to have that bite. And one more. And one more. Oh just hand the plate over!

Something new at the pantry today? I’m excited. The tempting display of sugary delicacies at the bakers that my indifference insulted a few months ago, now gets my special attention. Steaming hot food arriving at our table minutes after waiting? Well, this time, I’m participating in the war. Someone offers to treat us with ice cream? I tell myself to refrain from jumping up and down. Not hungry for lunch? Never mind, I need to have a plate! A new restaurant coming up? Ping everyone and ask when we can go. Someone has brought chocolates in the team? I don’t know where you are, but I will find you and take you! And I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I got distracted by food as I tried to finish this post!


I must admit, I still haven’t gotten any better when it comes to placing orders. I will happily let somebody else choose for me. But stop right there, I can take care of the eating part. 😉 Sometimes when I think of the food lover I have become, I can’t help but laugh. Is this really me? Most of my friends don’t believe me when I tell them this, because they know what a stingy eater I am was. But when one of them actually sees me in action, they cannot believe their eyes! Just yesterday, a college friend preached how important it is to eat decent portions and to eat on time. I just laughed and invited her to visit me sometime. She also advised me to be like our other college friend (now my colleague), who is a foodie. Today at lunch, I looked across the table at her plate, wait, she did not even hate a plate, just a bowl full of fruits. And then I looked at mine. So flooded with every item there was on the menu, that you can’t see the plate! 😀 And I smiled. Oh, how the tables have turned!


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