The girl with a red lunch bag

A couple of days ago a friend handed her diary over to me. Not just any diary, a farewell diary. And that’s the sign-another farewell is round the corner. Time for some more goodbyes, some more tears, some more sighs and a whole new journey.

“Class of 2015”

In another month and a half, it’ll be time to say goodbye to the undergrad days, and for the most of us who have no plans of higher education, it’ll be closing of the curtains on student days.

The clock is ticking away.
The clock is ticking away.

Like a trigger, the diary has kept me thinking about the past four years, how some days were too long and some days too short, the numerous changes, the friendships that lasted, the ones that didn’t, the mishaps, the embarrassments, the victories, the failures and a huge spectrum of other emotions. If we were to make a movie based on these four years, I guess each one of us will have a completely different story and cast. And if I did make it to the cast of another student(who doesn’t know me personally)’s version, then I’m pretty sure what I’ll be called-not LynAn, not Pearlyn, not Anugraha, but “The Girl with a red lunch bag”, and I’ll tell you why.

A candid shot of me carrying the red lunch bag
A candid shot of me carrying the red lunch bag

Four of us from our school made it to the same college, with two of us in the same department and the other two in different departments. Ever since the first day, I used to go to my friend’s class to have lunch and eventually made new friends there. It was easier in the first year because all of us had classrooms in the same building. But from the following year, students of each department move to their respective blocks that are geographically apart on the campus. Eventhough it was quite embarrassing to carry a lunch bag and walk to a different department alone every day, I still preferred that to staying in my class. Not because I didn’t have friends in my class, it’s just that I was more comfortable there. At first I just knew my school friend and another girl. Then we became a gang of 5, and in another few months, I kinda knew almost every day scholar in their class and a good number of hostelers too.

I still remember how in the first year, three of us would go “campus exploring” 😀 I was always afraid that we’d end up lost or that we’ll wander into places where we shouldn’t be going but those two never bothered and would literally drag me around. And those were the days when we didn’t have fancy phones or the “selfie craze” to stop and click photos everywhere. Just keep walking and exploring. If I’ve learnt to loosen up atleast a little and become care free at times, then it’s thanks to the two girls 😀 If I am popular to some extent, then I attribute it largely to my daily walks carrying the red lunch bag!!

Many who see me walk regularly between the two departments would enter into a dilemma as to which department I actually belong to. Recently few students from a different department, visited our lab and as I happened to know one of them, I wished him with a smile. Immediately the one next to him thought aloud, “Isn’t she from Civil? What is she doing in Computer Science block?” I couldn’t help but laugh as I overheard their conversation! His confusion is justified because I’m seen hanging out with my Civil department friends most of the time. I’ve had my classmates ask me several times, why I always run to the Civil department once lunch hour begins. I guess that is because with them things are simple, uncomplicated. Friendship, of all things, isn’t meant to be complicated and with them, it’s always true. Does that mean we don’t have feuds? Ofcourse we do( especially with my friend from school), but far less frequent and when everything is settled, we are back to normal like that! In a heartbeat! Their classroom is the “go to” place for me, both when I’m extremely happy and extremely sad. Since there is no link between my class and theirs, it’s almost like escaping to a whole new world, letting go of everything that weighs me down and indulging in the revelry of laughter and food.

Simple is beautiful
Simple is beautiful

This fellowship is one of the things I’ll miss the most once I’m done with college. And it will be one of the things that is going to make saying goodbye a little harder. But I guess, I’ll be talked about even after I’m gone, atleast for a little while, because a colour as bright as red, doesn’t fade away easily 🙂


11 thoughts on “The girl with a red lunch bag

  1. This is like the end of an era. College days. It’s amazing how so many people come to the same place and the same environment but each has a different version of their 4 years. When I think of it now, I want to go back to college at least for the friendships nurtured in that phase. Sigh!

    1. Wow! I really am so happy to hear that I inspired someone to start a blog! I’m sure you’ll do great! 🙂 Will check your blog right away!

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