The Mirinda Mess

This post is about one of the funny incidents that happened during our family reunion earlier this month. Actually it didn’t start out funny but we all ended up laughing over it! So readers, get ready for some messiness! 😉

It was the last day of our reunion and almost 80 percent of family had packed and had taken off to their homes. So that night just a few of us were staying at our uncle’s house. One of the great things about the house is that a massive wall has been built on the rooftop so that we could project and watch watch movies and videos. A few of my cousins, my grandma, my uncles,aunts and I decided to watch a movie before bed that night and as there were a lot of kids, we wanted a nice Kids movie. Luckily I had “Denice the Menace (1993)” on my laptop and so we decided to screen that! It’s amazing how this movie never gets ancient and you are never too old to watch it 🙂

When we were almost halfway through, I had to go downstairs to change to my night wear because at that point my chudithar was getting really uncomfortable. As I had watched this movie several times before, I didn’t mind missing parts of it!

After changing as I was about to climb back up, my uncle sent a bottle of Mirinda and asked me to serve it to everybody. What’s a movie without some snacking right? 😉

By this time some pretty interesting things were happening in the movie and everybody was glued to the screen. They hardly noticed me going or coming! There was just one table there to hold the laptop and projector and seemed long enough to hold some more. So I put the bottle on it and poured the juice into the paper cups.

Carrying a cup each in my hands(Lack of a plate, you see!) I started walking towards the audience. There were a bunch of wires going from the laptop, projector to the switch board which I needed to cross. I was very much aware of them and was careful to lift my legs to avoid tripping but looks like I didn’t lift them enough!

I only have a vague remembrance of what happened the next two minutes! I guess the shock got to me! I obviously tripped, landed on my knee, but worse still I had disturbed the wires which led to the projector falling down, the bottle too, with the liquid spilling all over my laptop! I was in sheer shock!

I must have looked something like this!

Here is a crazy coincidence- with much involvement, everyone was watching the movie and guess what scene was playing? Dennis gets into trouble again by toppling the food table!

PicsArt_18-10-2014 22_15_34

As the table went down in the movie, the screen went blank and everyone heard noises of a table actually falling nearby, as if the scene just translated itself into real life! This could be the future of movie making friends!What should we call it, 7D maybe? 😀

Only then, they all turned back to see the mess I had created. Pearlyn-the menace! 😉

After coming to my senses, all I wanted to know was what happened to the projector. It was my uncle’s and I didn’t want to cost him a great deal of money! And to my relief, the projector didn’t hit the ground but fell right into a chair that was nearby. A big PHEW! Meanwhile, I had totally forgotten about my laptop which had just taken a bath in Mirinda! My aunt quickly wiped it off the screen and keyboard to avoid damages and was cleaning everything again with wet cloth, you know, to take out the flavour 😀 I definitely wouldn’t want my laptop smelling like a basket of oranges!! Haha! Unbelievable as it may seem, my laptop works just fine! The speaker looks a little ugly but it works, so that’s fine!

Laughter broke out when one of my aunts made quite an observation looking at me. After this Mirinda fiasco, everyone was doing something. My cousins enacting the scene to those who weren’t there, my aunts and uncles cleaning the laptop, table, and the floor. Some were wet with water, some with mirinda, some stepped on the spillages. But I was standing in a corner, not a single drop of juice on me and the two filled cups still in my hands! How on earth did I fall down but managed to save the cups with juice in it!!??? So did I turn into a ninja for a good two minutes? This just makes me laugh whenever I think about it! Jokingly, they started calling me “the circus woman”.

And the best part? We went back to watching the movie and finished it! After inspecting, I found a few cuts on my knees but nothing serious! Quite a night 😉

Look at what one of Mirinda’s ad campaigns says:


I think I kinda freed the fun side of the night!!! 😀





6 thoughts on “The Mirinda Mess

  1. Oh Lynan! I can almost imagine. It must have been funny. And knowing how much our families can laugh over stuff… it must have been hilarious. I can almost picture Steve and Sandra telling stories.. Oh, how I miss all of you!

    1. Oh yes hilarious it was!!! And don’t forget Mahima 😉 she was the main story teller! When all that was settled, all they wanted to know was if there was enough Mirinda left for them to drink! Haha! and yes chithi, we miss you too! Wish we were nearer, but we always are, at heart.

  2. Haha. Any incident that happens when there are many people at home, tends to become funny :-). Surprised that the laptop didnt mind the Miranda, and that the two cups were in tact (who knows about the Ninja 😉

    It’s these kind of memories which we can relate to, years down the lane 🙂

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