This Magical Thing Called Laughter

The start of this academic year brought a lot of changes in me and in the way I take life. While some changes and some things turned out to be not so good, most have been of the enlightening and edifying kind.

I am in my final year of college(Bachelors). The first three years were almost the same to me, with me sitting with the same group of people every single day all those years. I know it’s crazy, because even when we were in school, sometimes we used to change places and sit in different desks each day. I thought college would be the same, but the girls prefer to keep a “place” for themselves and stick to it every day, unlike the boys. So yeah, naturally I complied 🙂

I am one of those girls who practically DREADS the first bench. I’m pretty sure I had a phobia for sitting in the first bench(is there a name for this?). I still remember how my heart would beat so fast when a teacher asks me to sit in the first bench at school. Exactly how did I develop this fear of the first bench, I don’t really know. So I was careful not to sit in the first bench at college. If there are like 6 desks in a column, I’m likely to sit in the 4th or 5th.

True Story!
True Story!

This semester, on the first day, unfortunate enough for me, all desks were occupied except the first one, where only one girl was seated. At this point, I was literally begging my classmates asking them if any of them would give up their place for me and move to the first bench, but nobody was willing to. 3 of us girls were in the same state, totally not wanting to sit in the first bench but had no other go.

This is how I got my new set of bench mates. Initially I wasn’t sure how I was going to “blend in”, but eventually I did more than just blend in. 🙂 (Imagine me having a very very WIDE smile right now)

The four of us slowly became really close and started having a very good time in class. I’m quite humourous and they are too, so most of the time we would be laughing over our jokes and things(definitely not when classes are going on, ofcourse 😉 ) Laughter became such a huge part of our lives. No matter what was going on, we’d still have things to laugh over, games to play and a smile to wear. This really taught me so much and I realised how taking our focus away from our problems and having a hearty laugh could save a lot of pain.

The more we laughed together, the more we grew close to each other. Even though we are known to the whole class as the most talkative, loudest and seemingly happiest bench, we do have our moments, certainly I do. But I have confidence in the fact that even if I need some alone time, silent time, my bench mates would totally understand and respect and also be ready to help me when I want them to.

I’ve heard it umpteen times that “Laughter is the best medicine”, but this is the first time I’m actually experiencing it and I tell you dear readers, it surely heals your soul and eases your pain, if not totally take it away.

The first three years I used to be super sensitive, take everything to heart and spend nights crying when something goes wrong. But after becoming the laughers that we are, it has parallelly helped us be more patient, more tolerant and even more loving and forgiving. Laughter also does a great job erasing my memory, but skilfully does so only with the bad ones 🙂

The other day as all four of us were talking about how this semester has changed each one of us in some way and how laughter has been such a blessing, I was truly grateful to God for it. We’ve each made progress in some way and above all our spirits have learned to let go and soar.


Another great thing about laughing out loud is that, when people see 4 girls laughing their lungs out, they can’t help but join in too even without knowing what is actually being talked about. Several times, the other girls are also laughing with us or laughing at how funny we look while we laugh 😀

So when you have something to laugh about, don’t keep inhibitions, laugh out loud, it is sure to spread a long distance!

laughter always

If you ask me what an ideal conversation is like and how many people would be in it, I would strongly say an ideal conversation is when there’s very few words, lots of laughter and preferably with a large number of people who know you for you and understand you 🙂

language of the soul





6 thoughts on “This Magical Thing Called Laughter

  1. Being a person who laughs for everything, for a long period of time, I can vouch for how laughing acts as a soul cleanser. And this did take me back to my old college days. It’s nice to mingle with people, but when it comes to places I guess I stayed in the same bench for all 4 years 🙂

  2. LynaAn, you’ve articulated so beautifully what I’ve always felt, that there’s nothing better than a good laugh to cleanse the soul. Keep laughing, keep spreading the joy and keep being the lovely person you are 🙂

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