This is what you call a perfect homecoming!

Last week was one AMAZING week for me and several others of my family as we all flocked together in our ancestral village Pannaivilai for a grand reunion!

Yup! 628751 is where we hail from ;)
Yup! 628751 is where we hail from πŸ˜‰
Or should I say, a historical reunion!

This was the reunion of the family that have come in the line of Dr.N.S.Daniel (my great great grandfather) So people from the 3rd, 4th and 5th generation all gathered to revel in the joys of family time!

The first and second generation
The grandchildren of Dr.N.S.Daniel (with their spouses)-The third generation
The great grandchildren of Dr.N.S.Daniel(with their spouses)-4th generation
The great grandchildren of Dr.N.S.Daniel-4th generation
And here comes my generation-the 5th. Great great grandchildren of Dr.N.S.Daniel (I'm the one n the bright red)
And here comes my generation-the 5th. Great great grandchildren of Dr.N.S.Daniel (I’m the one in the bright red)

And we hear that the first member of the 6th generation is on the way! Sweet!

There were actually so many cameras clicking as each group posed that we practically didn’t know where to look!!! πŸ˜€ That explains everyone’s confused and searching eyes πŸ˜‰

Looking at these photos, I’m filled with thanks to our Lord for blessing me with such a loving family. It’s crazy that this is just one side(my grandma’s). There are like tons of other sweet relatives in my grand dad’s side too! Surreal!

When the discussion on this reunion began a few months ago, none of us thought that it would be this successful and well organised, because the family is spread wide across not just different places in India but in different countries of the world! But everyone was stoked about the idea and the conversation heated up pretty soon! Thanks to technology, all communication was done via e-mail and inputs started coming in from all directions!

You wouldn’t believe, SO MANY people flew in from other countries to take part in this lovely gathering. And those who couldn’t make it didn’t have to worry because one of my uncles made sure the program was streamed live through Google+! Neat!

I stood in awe of the 3rd and 4th generation relatives who put in so much effort into organising this grand get together without much hassle. Sure, there was a little friction now and then but love shone brighter and stronger. It was lovely meeting people who respected each other’s differences and inspired me to do the same.

All along I felt truly blessed, because let’s be honest, how many families do such a thing? As I came to know more about my great great grandfather and the kind of impact he made in the village, I was extremely happy to be part of such a legacy that is being handed over from generation to generation. Someday I will pass it on to my children, nieces and nephews and proudly tell them of the wonderful family we belong to.

When the 5th generation was being introduced, and when it was my turn, one of my uncles called out “She is the blogger of the family.” And let me tell you, it was amazing to hear that! I may have friends reading and following my blog, strangers becoming friends through my blog but nothing compares to the feeling of knowing that your family members know you are a blogger!

This was a 3-day event, so surely, I will need several blog posts to write all about it. You may also get to read a few guest posts. So stay tuned!

Above all, God’s Hand was over us and through and through He was and always will be the Head of this one big happy family.


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