What cancer can’t do

I love visiting my grandparents’. Now all that remains is a house that once carried the warmth my gama(grandma) and thatha(grandpa) generated. Yet, I still look forward to staying there when I get the chance because that is second home to me. The minute I step into the house memories of my happy days with my grandparents start gushing in, making it seem like it all happened yesterday.

Interesting enough, everytime I go there I come back with an interesting find. We don’t go there often but my uncles do visit every now and then. That explains the different arrangement of things everytime I go there. So, it’s never a bore going around the house and digging for treasures.

Last month I discovered something which got me all choked up. Well, I lost both my grandparents to the deadly fangs of cancer. They had to go through a lot of suffering and pain, It was tough watching all that as a kid but from what I saw I knew my grandparents were keeping a really good attitude through it all. They never failed to smile or to thank God.

What I found was my grandmother’s hand written note to herself. My grandmother was a bit of a researcher. Once she was diagnosed with cancer, she wanted to know all about it and started reading a good number of books about them. Most of them were medical books which stated the blatant truth plain and simple. All of us thought this could really depress her and we would not encourage her to get “too much” information.

But now as I read this note of hers, I am realising the more she knew about cancer, the more she trusted God and accepted her inability to change things. She was okay with not having control because she knew the One who was already in control.WP_20140625_001

WP_20140625_004I know it’s difficult to read, so let me type it out for you.

What cancer can’t do

I Corinthians 15:57 “Thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Even though the physical body may be destroyed by disease, the spirit can remain triumphant.

Cancer is so limited.

It cannot cripple love

shatter hope

corrode faith

eat away peace

destroy confidence

kill friendship

shut out memories

silence courage

invade the soul

reduce eternal life

quench the spirit

lessen the power

of the resurrection.

If an incurable disease has invaded your life, refuse to let it touch your spirit. Your body can be severely afflicted and you may have a great struggle. But if you keep trusting God’s love, your spirit will remain strong.

-Our greatest enemy is not disease but despair-

Micah 7:15

What can I say? Isn’t this just beautiful? I have no idea what she was feeling when she wrote this note to herself. Maybe she was reassuring herself of the Truth, or she was so much in pain that she wanted to take her mind off the depressing thoughts and focus on something good. I just don’t know. But this makes me cry and smile at the same time thinking what a lovely woman she was and how much she leaned on God.

Also makes me think, how often do we let little things disturb us and irritate us? In my case, very often! Easily, we lose sight of what our purpose actually is and let ourselves be carried away by temporary ills. Now as I think about them after reading this note, it all seems so crazy and stupid! This encourages me to live everyday with hope and happiness, not with anger and questions. If cancer can’t do any of the above, then none of my problems can!

It’s sweet how my grandmother teaches me things even after she’s gone ❤ I can never be thankful enough to God for her.



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