Answered prayers-Article published in “The Hindu”

This is pretty great news-My article has been published in today’s “The Hindu”. Since this is an Open Page entry, I guess readers all over India would have set their eyes on it!!! As much elated as I am, I am also much humbled and grateful that God heard my prayers and granted my wish!!

The article is nothing but my previous blog post! So before you read further of this post, head over and read the featured article. Click here to read it in WordPress or click the image below and you’ll be directed to “The Hindu” website.


“The Hindu” is one of the largest selling newspapers in India. It’s been around for nearly 136 years. So for me, to see my writing in such a prestigious daily is just out of the world amazing!

If you had read my post Reminiscence, then you would know that as a child I dreamt of becoming a journalist. As I end the post, I speak  of how I hope that somebody my wish to get my article featured would be fulfilled. All I did was put it in prayer ,send an entry and look what has happened! Lovely Lord replied with an yes! Totally undeserving, but truly blessed! :)So this, my readers is nothing but God’s doing- He put the talents in me, put the right people in my life who would help me discover that talent, gave me writing inspirations from time to time and helped my article get past all the scrutiny!

This blog has been such a great writing platform for me, helping me keep my writing dreams alive! So WordPress, you are amazing!

Today several readers mailed me after reading the article! I was so touched! I mean, to read an article, take down the email id and take time to write back is effort! It warms my heart to know that many value good writing! Several others commented below the article in the website, but still the mailers earned a slightly more special place in my heart!

All in all, this has been the best day of my life!

Now it’s time for the grand revelation! All of you know me by my pen name LynAn. If you hadn’t already noticed in the article, my real name is *drumroll* “Pearlyn Anugraha”. Now it figures right? The second part of my first name and the first part of my second name put together is my pen name 😉 Well applaud me later 😉 😀

Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4


23 thoughts on “Answered prayers-Article published in “The Hindu”

      1. Hi Sangeetha! Thank you 🙂 Yes that’s the email id. No, they don’t get back to us. If they find the article interesting, they will publish it. You will only know from seeing the newspaper. Mine was published in a week’s time. I remember reading somewhere that it may even take as long as 8 weeks! So not really sure!

  1. Hey, I just came across this post. Congratulations by the way, thought it was long time ago. I read your post as well. It is cool and interesting. I want to if we need to take down our article from our blog if we want to send it to Open Page – The Hindu?

    1. Hey Gautham,thank you. I don’t think you have to take down your article from the blog for it to be published. Obviously I didn’t. And I have seen quite a few bloggers choose to keep it too. And since you are not under any pen name, I don’t think this will be an issue.

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