Colour play

Do endorphins get released everytime I see a play of colours? Because colours make me instantly happy!!! And India has SO much to offer when it comes to colours. I hear how bloggers from other countries wait for summer, so that they can shove all the monochromatic outfits and opt for some colour in their closets.

Well, in my place(a state named Tamil Nadu) we get to wear colours everyday!!! Because it is summer all the year round!!! (with one or two months of rain). Before you wish you were in my shoes, consider all the sweat and google about Tirunelveli’s average temperature πŸ˜‰

Clothes aren’t the only colourful things here. You can’t spend a day outdoors in India without spotting a “rangoli” or atleast a simple “kolam”. It’s a form of art where patterns are made on the floor with coloured and ground rice ,sand ,chalk powder or salt. Flower petals are sometimes used for the same.

This one here is made with coloured rock salt. This adorned our department’s entrance more than a year ago.

Don't you want to just feel it?
Don’t you want to just feel it?

This is done for all special events in my college by the students. The standard “welcome mat” πŸ™‚ Look at all the contrasting colours!!!! Β Bliss ❀

P.S: If you are wondering why I misspelled “colour” over and over again, then you probably are not aware of British English spellings πŸ™‚ The British introduced English to India, so we go with that!

Have a look at what “contrast” means to other people!

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    • Hey, very nice of you to do so! Sorry, I am not really going to participate, but I would like to do the “stating-random-facts-and-answering-the-questions” part! πŸ™‚ Will soon do a blog post on it and link you too. Thank you πŸ™‚

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