Dear past

Dear Past,

Hello there! You’ve been in my thoughts for a long time now. I see you visiting me so often. Is it that you miss me? It’s sweet to think someone misses me but you have a skill of injecting the same feeling into me, making me miss you too, which, I tell you, can be too much at times!

But it’s funny you know, you can visit me anytime you want, just dive into my thought puddle but I can never do that. All I can do is watch you from a distance. I can’t grasp you no matter how hard I try. You elude me quite well, I commend you for that, you cheeky little fellow!

I need to be honest with you, while sometimes you fill me with bliss, other times your memory just sickens me. How can someone be good and bad at the same time? You sure know how and are a good one at that! You seem to encompass both the good things and bad things in my life. I wish I could separate them both and keep the good nearer to me you know. But you’re adamant to not let go of them. You are like a mirage- I see you at a distance, run to you to have a closer look but alas, you vanish and appear a few feet away.

I see your appetite is increasing at an alarming rate these days. You seem to swallow days and moments hastily, sometimes even snatching them from my hands. When I wake up tomorrow , today would have already become a part of you. My future is fast approaching, my present is shrinking and my past is beefing up. That’s scary!

I see many people hating  you, cursing you and wishing you didn’t exist. How does that make you feel?I’m sorry but sometimes I catch myself doing so too. But I actually am happy you happened. By grabbing the happy days from me you make me more appreciative of the moments I have at hand. By taking the sad things away from me, you give me assurance that I don’t have to carry the weight anymore, by being irreversible, you make me want to be more careful with my choices each day and by visiting me now and then, you constantly remind me who I was, who I am now and how far I’ve come. While some think of you as a hindrance and a pain, I believe you actually push me to a better future. Sure, I have my moments but at the end of the day, I realise you are inevitable!

I’m not sure what address I should write down on the envelope. I think I’ll just leave it on my table. You are definitely going to pick it up anyway as you become hungry later today. So, I guess I’ll see you around. Bye!




6 thoughts on “Dear past

  1. What is the saying, “if it weren’t for sorrow, we would never understand true joy”? Something like that. As painful as some memories are, it’s good to remember that those help us understand the real beauty in life!

  2. Wow! Everything you said in this post, I can totally relate to it, I mean in a way that its uncanny. I know, people everywhere may feel the same way, but when you see it for real, its a whole different thing. Loved it! 🙂

  3. The clock photo is so trippy…I can’t stop looking at it. And well said in the post. The past can be just as trippy as that clock, but the real trip is what we would be without it. Raising my glass to your future – cheers!

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