Overnight success doesn’t exist

Hard work- I’ve been giving some hard thought to this. And have come to realise that my view of it has been heavily distorted thus far.

There are three kinds of people, as is widely believed. The kind that give it their all and work hard to get going up the ladder of life. The second kind that just wish things came easily and slop around waiting for victory to just happen or fall into their laps. And then the rest who work enough to get by not exerting or striving too much.

Apparently when there’s a classification, you got to fall into one class. But I just don’t seem to fit in any of the above. So I figured it’s time to bring in the fourth kind. I call them “last minute hard workers” which would be the perfect alias name for me, because that is so me.

I do believe in hard work and I know that’s the only way to succeed. But what I didn’t know or accept is that hard work takes time. I am the kind that would procrastinate stuff and then when the deadline is scaringly near, I’d toil really hard compelling my body to forget all about sleep. Later when I don’t get the results I expected, I’m like, “Oh I worked so hard!”, shoving it away like it’s not my mistake.

It’s taken a while for the truth to occur to me and I guess it’ll be a while for me to actually change, but realisation is a good thing, so I’m glad. Hard work implies we got to stay committed to the work at hand for a long time , making some necessary sacrifices but never compromising on devotional time and family/friends time. The results may not start appearing as soon as we want them to but we ought to remember that hard work is not just about a good start but also about keeping at it.

Vik Muniz-Brazilian artist, photographer, sculptor
Vik Muniz-Brazilian artist, photographer, sculptor

It is also important not to beat ourselves up when we don’t end up being the best. The concept of being the best is so illusional these days. We should work to be “our best” not “the best”. Sometimes our best will earn us the “the best” status but sometimes our best may not be good enough in the sight of others. The real challenge is to better “our best” from time to time. In the process, just DO NOT burn yourself out. One step at a time works pretty fine πŸ™‚

Live by this!
Live by this!

Saying is one thing, doing another! If you’ve been a slacker or a procrastinator like me, then it’s going to be a tough battle trying to turn from your ways. This is where a change in perspective steps in. Not all of us are where we want to be doing what we want to do. Some of us have been forced to settle in a place different from the one in our dreams. So it makes it all the more harder for us to love the job or work given to us and give it our best shot. But let me tell you, if you’ve surrendered your life to God, then you can be sure that you’re where He wants you to be and there’s a purpose behind it. So we need not see our work as just “work” anymore , but as a way to serve God and tell Him that you are okay with His plan. This gives us peace and happiness, more importantly, contentment.

col3-23So hang on, work hard, and smile, for tomorrow comes the song! πŸ™‚

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