Faded into Beauty

When I think about which of the memories are more special- the recent and vivid ones or those that time has covered in a sweet haze, my heart instantly picks the latter.

Recent and clear remembrances of incidences are great actually, being able to look at those photos and replay every little thing that happened that day. But there’s something that’s so special about those age old memories, usually the memories of childhood, which we don’t really remember as exactly as they were, but whose minute details have all fused together and faded into a distant memory or better said, a thing of beauty.

This reminds me of my summer vacations that were spent with my grandparents (my mom’s dad and mom). Even today we hear from random people about our grandparents’ love and hospitality towards everyone, even strangers. Then how much would they have pampered their grand children!! Not a year passes without me wishing that they were here today.

As I surfed through some of the printed photos from when I was a little girl, one particular shot just caught my attention and kept me staring at that frozen moment, perfectly locked and shielded away from the vagaries of time.

Here, have a look. It’s pretty bad quality, but precious nevertheless.


That’s me, with a wide smile, seated on what is the throne for a little girl- the lap of her grandparents. My grandpa and grandma both sporting happy smiles! I have a feeling that it was something I did. Maybe I made an innocent remark or asked one of those childish questions or just maybe popped a joke??!!! I don’t remember any of it, but what I do remember is that WE WERE ALL HAPPY. That I had the time of my life traveling with them and staying at a place  almost 8000 miles away from home. It melts my heart to look at my grandmother in this photo. My dear cancer stricken grandmother laughing her heart out and me sharing the moment with her. If you see closely my grandma’s hand is around my hip and my grandpa has lovingly laid his hand on my shoulder. Makes me feel so special and loved.

A memory so old, yet so fresh. So distant, yet so close. Faded, yet unadulterated 🙂

Here’s another one. Grandma and grandpa always put their hands around me, lovingly holding me at all times, because that’s how much they love their first grand daughter.




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