Here’s to more blogging!

Here I am again! Once again abandoned my blog for several months! Sigh! I’m beginning to hate myself for that! But now I’m here with pretty BIG news!

I’m officially out of Facebook and WhatsApp.Not just deactivated/uninstalled,just plain DELETED! Yes, it’s a huge plunge all of a sudden, but I did it and I’m sure I left many wondering why.delete

I have my reasons folks and I’m quite confident that they are the right ones. Lately I haven’t been blogging much. Haven’t been writing anything other than status updates. Haven’t been reading much. And haven’t had the pleasure of indulging in my much loved hobbies.And I miss doing all of that SO MUCH.

I see people who balance all of it-social media,blog,work etc. and I am amazed,but that’s just not me.I am just not ready.I haven’t learnt to juggle yet. So one fine morning I woke up and decided it’s time to get my priorities straight. Why I feel WhatsApp and Facebook have been hindrances to my blogging is, whenever I have something to share I take the short route and post it either in Facebook or constrain it in a short WhatsApp status update, making WordPress a forgotten child. But worry not WordPress, mommy is back!!!!

Oh how I’ve missed Encounter. Somehow after removing Facebook and WhatsApp I feel so light, like some burden lifted off my shoulders. But surely, someday I hope to have them back when I learn to balance everything quite well.Someday.But nowhere in the near future. Till then let me enjoy my blogging days! keep-calm-blogging

Having said all of that, I should admit I am soooo excited to be back blogging. And the thought that I’m going to be having plenty of time to do all the things that I love,is great!

Eventhough I had been thinking about it for quite some time, I finally decided to do it ‘coz of two things. One, a conversation with my friend when out of nowhere she mentioned, “Always have time to do what you love”. Wow! I just felt like those words were injected into me, like I needed them so much! Later that day, I read blogger Laura Beth’s final post “Goodnight,sweetheart” where she bid adieu to the blogosphere and went on to experience other adventures in life. Her blog was up and going, but still when she felt she had had enough, that’s it, she took that step. That really encouraged me to take my little big step too, out of social media and into the blogosphere. I had great posts, groups,conversations going in facebook and WhatsApp but yes, I’ve had enough. It may affect my blog’s reach too ‘coz I share my posts in Facebook and many follow the link and read my posts but that’s okay. Hopefully  my blog will interest more readers in the coming days. Anyway, even if only one or two read, I’m still going to be happy because I love writing.

Looking forward to reading and writing more! Here’s to more blogging 🙂

[UPDATE: After taking time away from social media for three months, I’m back to using them. I’ve learnt, atleast to some degree, how to balance stuff. Those three months were pure bliss!]

You know all those things you’ve always wanted to do? You should GO DO THEM.


7 thoughts on “Here’s to more blogging!

  1. I’m so glad you’re back! I’ve missed your posts and comments. (Even if I don’t like and/or comment on your posts, I always read them!) However, I will miss our easy connection on Facebook. 😦 Oh well! Looking forward to using the blog more. 😀


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