Take a God-break!

This is my second post in “Grab a book” series.I know it’s been a long time since my last post. Doesn’t mean that I haven’t grabbed any book ever since,but just that nothing was  compelling enough to write a post about!

But guess what? Now I have not just one,but two books to add to your reading list.The thing is it’s not some book you take,read it and keep it aside.It’s something you keep beside and read everyday!

Just as new year stepped in,we had a very important person visit us. A youth leader who led the prayer cell in the veterinary college mom and dad graduated from.I was so excited to see the couple who had a major part in shaping mom and dad during their college days.Listening to them converse filled me with so much joy,it was wonderful to know that he still remembers every single student of the prayer cell. And I was also dwelling in the hope that someday in the distant future, I’ll sit with my youth leader and talk about good old times,because just like my parents,I’ve been blessed with wonderful youth leaders.

He gifted my dad a wonderful book-“Coffee break devotions-Latte”.You know how they say,”Never judge a book by its cover”,but sometimes I do 😉 🙂 I’m more likely to read a book that has a great cover than an equally good book with a simple cover.That’s just me 😉 Coffee-Break-Devotions-Latte-Honor-Books-9781562929176The cover of this book was so appealing that I grabbed it and started reading.And I loved it so much that I read nearly 10 devotional passages in just one go! It is so refreshing just like coffee and I loved how they mentioned the word “God-break”.I personally am not “the coffee person”,but I’ve heard from people that there’s nothing more energizing than a cup of coffee.Trust me-there’s definitely nothing more energizing than a God-break with a cup of coffee and this book! And I just figured that there’s Cappuccino too! Wow! I must get one copy of it.But right now,I’m saving for Tia’s book,so maybe this will be my no.2 on the “to buy” list!

An excerpt:

“At the heart of the cyclone tearing the sky And flinging the clouds and the towers by,Is a place of central calm; So here in the roar of mortal things, I have a place where my spirit sings, In the hollow of God’s palm.”

The next book is also a daily devotional book which has been helping me A LOT  so far in 2013.I feel this was written exclusively for me. The prayer I had mentioned in my “My Life,Your Will” post is also from this book.Whatever question is haunting me that day, I get an answer when I read “The One Year Walk with God Devotional by Chris Tiegreen”.I read this in the evenings and everyday’s passage is exactly what I need to know with regard to what happened in college that day.images (2)I’m being awed every single day. Like today, I had a bad day at college as I failed to control my anger and I was so upset about this addictive sin of mine,and today’s passage was EXACTLY about this! It states the plain truth,no camouflages, no implied messages.Just the truth,as it is. Sometimes,in our Christian life,that’s exactly what we need-a strict reminder! The best thing about it is you can use it any year,there’s no specific year mentioned as in some devotionals.You can use it in a common year,a leap year,whenever you want! I can strongly vouch for the fact that this book will be a blessing in your life!

An excerpt:

“Do you ask God for His wisdom with a resolve to obey it? If not, do not expect it to come. Expect rather to be tossed around like a wave in a storm. But if your heart will commit to His way, His way will be easily found. God gives us His mind in response to our faith.”

I consider these books as the most wonderful gifts I can ever receive. If you find these books, be sure to grab them! And they make great gifts too!

Be blessed!


6 thoughts on “Take a God-break!

  1. I love devotion books. They seem to have just the right pick-me-up for the day, and helps strengthen my bond with God. Thanks for mentioning these! I will have to look them up. And, I’m really touched that you are saving for my book! That means a lot to my, LynAn. Thanks! Oh and thanks for the link too, I really appreciate it! 🙂


    1. I’m glad you found this useful Tia! Do get a copy if you happen to find them! And you’re always welcome,can’t wait to write about your book in this category! 🙂

  2. It’s good to read devotional books. By the grace of GOD, I am reading about 4 daily devotional books namely Our Daily Bread(Radio Bible College Ministries), Shape me Lord in the days of my youth(Bro. Samson Paul – Living Stream Ministries), Streams in the desert(Mrs. Charles.E.Cowman in 1925), Pearls of great price(Mrs. Joni Eareckson Tada – Founder of Joni and Friends Rehabilitation Center). Once, in my hostel I had the habit of reading only devotional books, at one point of time I lost my interest towards it. But, GOD made me understand that its very essential to read THE HOLY BIBLE in an orderly manner(eventhough the devotional books direct us to read the snippets from some chapters). Now I am tasting the main dish(THE WORD of GOD) along with side dishes(Daily Devotional books). Glory to GOD. Thank you.

    1. Along with the books mentioned above, I’m also reading the first two that you have mentioned. It’s so true that these devotional books play a great part in shaping us. Do read the above mentioned books also if you can find them.Stay blessed.

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