Angels without wings

A few days ago,I had to go to another town with my family for not the happiest of reasons.We were troubled at heart.Added to this,we were on our own.We didn’t know the place well,to be exact,we didn’t know it at all!

As we didn’t know the bus routes,we had to opt for other means of public transport-a more “personalised public transport” like a cab or an auto-rickshaw.We decided to go by an auto,thinking that would be cheaper,because it is,in our place.My dad was inquiring the man at the hotel billing counter about where we could catch an auto.As he was guiding us,another couple waiting in the queue told us to go by a cab rather than an auto.They told us how cab drivers and auto drivers charge almost the same and that we would be more comfortable in a cab.My dad went on to ask if they knew the cab service number.He gave us a number,but we weren’t able to reach the other end.So he said,“Please wait sir,I’ll go find out if the number is right.” He started enquiring in different shops to make sure the number was right.But most shopkeepers were not aware of the number,but this very kind man wouldn’t stop.He just kept asking more people,leaving his wife alone at the hotel.We insisted that they carry on with their work and that we would figure it out,but the lovely lady said,“Let him go,he’ll find out for you,it’s not a trouble for us.” I couldn’t believe that they would go out of their ways to help us-the strangers! They left only after making sure that we got a cab.Those two faces will be registered in my mind forever.Maybe that’s the kind of people they are,maybe that’s their nature and it’s not a big thing for them.But for us,it made all the difference.I believe they had no idea that they brightened up our day with their random act of kindness.They are definitely angels without wings.

As the day progressed,we met even more angels.We met the most obliging of taxi drivers,the most pleasing of hotel servers.They all wore a smile and sure did put one in our faces! And our hearts too 🙂

What began as a sombre day ended on a happy note.It made me realise that love is not dead yet.There still are people out there always willing to lend a helping hand.Would I have done the same? I doubt it.Sometimes,in this seemingly mechanical world,as we meet more and more selfish people who are least concerned about fellowmen,without our knowledge,we become one of them.We speak and read a lot about being kind,spreading a little love,but we hardly practice it.Why? Because nobody does.We could get ourselves so tuned to the world around us that we forget that we could actually make a difference.

This experience has taught me that no matter how the world around you is,you can still stick to your virtues and pass a little love to those around you.Who knows? You could make someone’s day today!


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