My Life,His Will

Talk about New Year resolutions! Often broken than kept! During my childhood,I remember deciding one particular morning that I would never take resolutions,because at the end of the year,it only gave me guilt for not having done anything that I planned to.Years later,after being saved in Christ,I understood it is very important to take spiritual resolutions every now and then and try to keep them.It’s been a gratifying journey since then.I don’t mean to say,I’ve been sticking to everything I decided,but it has been a wonderful learning experience which I wouldn’t trade for the world.

During the last month of 2012,one fine day,all of a sudden, a blog post which I read months ago came to my mind.It was titled Out of the Ashes where the writer talks about bold prayers and how it changed her life.This was something my friend shared with me several months ago.More than once,the words “Bold prayer” flashed into my mind on several different days.I didn’t ruminate or ponder over it,I just kept believing that it’s a random memory popping in my head.But as those words kept flashing time and time again,I realised finally that God is trying to say something to me through it.

That’s when I knew what my new year resolution for 2013 should be.God was prompting me to submit everything to His will-that’s the boldest prayer anyone can ever do.Telling Him simple and plain that His will be done and totally trusting that it’s the best no matter how hard it may seem at first.Do take time to go through this post Out of the Ashes.As I began praying that way,the first thing that took control of me was fear.What if God is preparing me for something “bad” that’s coming my way just like the woman in the story? Would it be devastating? How will I ever be able to handle it if it were to happen? Lots of these questions filled my mind.But then that’s the point about saying a bold prayer-TO TRUST COMPLETELY LET COME WHAT MAY! To say “Thy will be done” in the Lord’s prayer seems so easy,but do we really mean it when we say it? Or do we just say so and keep our fingers crossed hoping the outcome will be good?! A lot of boldness and strength from Christ is required to actually pray that way.

Even now,as I write this,questions keep on haunting me.But I’m trying and praying that God gives me the peace that I require.

As I was thinking about writing this blog post yesterday,I came across this wonderful prayer in my daily devotion.

“I am Yours.Do with me as You will.I give up my right to govern myself,because You are far more worthy to do it,and You will never do harm.I exist for your purposes,and for Yours alone”

I love how it ends-“Yours alone!”

If God’s speaking to you right now,maybe you should do the same-say a bold prayer.We may call this life “ours” but it’s best when it’s driven by His will.


Have a blessed new year readers!


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