Little Big Things

Yesterday was not a good day for me.Maybe not just yesterday,the past few days have been a struggle for me.Lot of heartbreaks and disappointments like a “Series of unfortunate events”.And amidst all this,my exams going on.So you can imagine the kind of chaos I was in.

This post isn’t about all the problems and confusions  but about the comfort and smile I ended up with.And it turned out to be a day that I will never forget.

God sent little big things my way to teach me that that there are so many beautiful things in life which I’ve been blind to,thinking only about the problem at hand.

After spending many hours in my room,I entered into our living room.My! what a gorgeous sight! My mom and dad had so beautifully decorated the room and also the Christmas tree.It has all been there since two days ago,but I never took the time to notice,admire and appreciate.As I had my exams going on,they didn’t ask for my help and did it all by themselves.And what a great job they had done,paying attention to every detail.When I saw their faces,I saw the children in them as they tried to add the finishing touches to the tree.A priceless moment for me! That reminded me that I have so much love around me.Even if some things are taken away from me,I still have enough things to be happy and thankful for all the days of my life!

So I spent the afternoon telling people I love, that I love them.In this,I not only brought joy to the recipients but it brought so much joy to myself too,’coz with every message I typed,I realised how blessed I am.

Later when I signed into facebook,I had a message from someone I least expected it from.As I read it,my smile kept going broader and broader.Her message was so encouraging,comforting and it taught me that people who really care,will continue to care no matter how distant they are or how rarely they speak.She had also posted a wonderful Christmas wish on my wall and my joy doubled! A little big thing,don’t you think???

And as I was browsing through the playlist in my brother’s phone,I found this song,”On top of the world”.Our tastes in music differ greatly ,so before transferring anything to my phone,I listen to it fully and will copy it if I like.But this song,I transferred it just like that,thinking I might like it.Was listening to it yesterday and I totally love it!!! The prelude to the song,the lyrics,altogether it brings a kind of joy to me whenever I listen to it,and I must have listened to it alteast a 100 times yesterday!!!!! I’m on top of the world,eh! Have fun listening!

On Top of the World


As such things were happening,everything started to make sense.In fact,I’m very glad I had to go through all of it,because if not,I would have never learnt to appreciate what I had.No matter what happens in our life,His love abounds and always does.When bad things happen,if we just turn our focus away from it and towards the good things in life,you can actually feel your worries flying away.Blaming ourselves for the bad things that happen is a dumb dumb thing to do.

So cheer up if something is troubling you.Happy times ahead!! 🙂 And if you are already happy,then keep your smile!!!



6 thoughts on “Little Big Things

  1. This was a beautiful post, LynAn! It was so encouraging and uplifting, and reminds me to look for the little big things. 😉 I’m sorry you haven’t had very good days lately, but it’s just so refreshing to hear you writing about your blessings throughout it all. 🙂


    1. I must thank God for all of it Tia,even for the not so good things that have been happening.I’m learning a lot through all of them.And to know that I have friends like you who share my faith is amazing! 🙂 I’m glad my post served as a gentle reminder to you of the beautiful things in life 🙂

  2. I’m sorry things have been difficult. If you ever need someone to talk to, I’m only an email away. But I am so glad that you were able to end the day looking at all the positives in life and all the ways you’ve been blessed! How wonderful! 🙂

    1. Oh Rach,thank you so much! I cannot tell you how much this comment means to me! Another “little big” thing! Indeed we are all so much blessed 🙂 thank you for putting a smile on my face! it’s you who made my day today! 🙂

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