The child in you!

Today is one of my most favourite days!! It’s Children’s day here in India.Today is the birthday of our country’s very first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.He used to love children,and is fondly remembered as “Uncle Nehru”..What a great man!!!

Every year I look forward to Children’s day more than my birthday! There’s something about it that I love and I see the fondness growing as I get older. πŸ˜‰ I love when someone wishes me a “Happy Children’s day”.That’s why today I’ve been wishing all my friends,no matter how old they are.I truly believe it’s not in the age but it’s in the way you see yourself.And today I thought I’d become a child one more time! ;)It’s been an exciting day so far!

I’ve been feeling “up” since morning! See I told you,today is more important to me than my birthday! The first thing I did is,I asked my dad to go buy lollipops for me!! πŸ˜€ I could have just gone to the store myself and bought one,but I wanted to be a child again-you know we always depend on our parents for anything and everything.My dad found it really strange and even laughed a bit!! I told him what flavour I wanted,how many I wanted,what kind and everything just like a little kid!! Unfortunately I did not get the one I demanded for,I guess they’ve stopped its productions..hmm it’s been a very long time!!!! But I totally enjoyed licking the one I got πŸ˜‰ And unconsciously I started chewing the stick too!! haha,just like I did when I was a kid.Mom came along and asked me to stop it and we laughed over it!!! πŸ˜€ I also tried to recall some of the oldest rhymes we used to sing as kids..Gosh!! I remember them better than the lessons I read last week!! I guess those songs have sinked into my memory!

There are just so many things,some very silly ones,I loved doing as a kid.Those days plastic crayons did not exist.All we had were wax crayons.It does not make a very good appearance.So once we finish colouring,we used to scrape all the wax off with a scale and voila! No wax,only colour!! We are geniuses right?? πŸ˜€ I also remember building cars from pillows with my brother and his friends!! How on earth did we make those pillows stand erect??? Such a mystery!! But back then,it was a piece of cake for us.Greatness personified,haha! There was also this game we used to play in school where we sit in circles holding hands.There will be one person ,”the catcher”.We have to pass signals from one person to another in the circle by pressing hands.Actually in a circle you can Β take two different paths to reach a person-either clock-wise or anti-clockwise.So the catcher has to carefully look at our hands and find out where the signal is passing and stop it right there.When the other person has received the signal,he/she says “Received” and game over-the catcher loses!!! (The Original spy kids we were!!! )Hey don’t laugh,it’s a very very tough game!!! Oh how many times I’ve lost!!! πŸ˜€

But over the years many things have changed.There are certain things which have actually turned the opposite now.As a kid,I was a big hoarder.Big big hoarder.Whenever I receive gifts,I never use them,I keep them safely thinking I can use them later.Everyone in my family called me a “hoarder”!!I filled an entire draw in a chest of drawers with such stuff.Then later after many years I realised I can never use them and that I have to give them away.Was such a heart breaking moment for me! But now,I never keep anything for future use.I use it immediately.And I also like giving things away(except the ones I receive as gifts).Slowly,I lost all attachment I used to have on material things as a kid.
And then there are things that I miss so much.Like lying next to my grandpa and listening to the stories that he makes up.We nag him for bedtime stories.He never has one in mind but he’ll just start thinking of his own story and narrate it to us.We never heard the end of any story.Either he or we will fall asleep!Oh,I really want those days back!!! And I also feel bad that I never got the chance to tell grandma and grandpa how much they meant to me.You know,we never have those heart-to-heart conversations as a kid.I wish they had lived longer,so that I would have them near me and tell them of how big a part they played in bringing me up and how much I’m grateful for that.

On the other hand,there are also childish activities which I’ve been continuing to do.Like the amazing art technique someone developed.It actually became famous when we were allowed to write with pens in school.A guy in my fifth grade class taught me that.Just spill a little bit of ink from the pen nibs,fold the paper ,press them and be amazed by the amazing patterns you get! :)We usually fold it in the middle so we get mirror images.I remember getting an image resembling two boxers ready to fight! Now I still do it,with ink,paint even nail polish!!! πŸ˜€

There are just so many things like these which I can keep on writing.I’m so glad I decided to blog about it because my joy is almost double now πŸ™‚

Another important thing almost everyone of us misses is the care free,innocent life of a kid.Kids these days get too smart too early.When I see the kids around me,I see most of them losing their innocence at a very young age.Some parents force things into them very early.I mean it’s good,but I believe a kid has to be allowed to grow at his/her own pace.A 3 year old is busier than most professionals these days.I don’t think they’ll have Β much to look back and smile about when they grow up and that’s very sad.It’s better not to steal the childishness away from a child.

Now,coming back to us,eventhough we can’t be childish anymore(on Children’s day,it’s fine..but everyday??? not very practical,right?!) we still can be child-like at heart.You know,loving our parents like they meant the world to us(they always do,but sadly,some people forget their worth as they grow),loving unconditionally,fights that last for a moment,having no grudges at all,praying and fully believing that it will happen because there were no “what ifs” those days.Becoming child-like will definitely make our lives whole lot better.

And above all,we ought to remember,no matter how old,we will always be God’s precious gems and all He wants us is to trust Him completely and keep the child in us alive!! Happy Children’s day y’all! πŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “The child in you!

  1. Wow, sounds like a really fun day!! I know that there is a Children’s day in China also… We don’t have one in the U.S. but I kind of wished we did because it sounds so fun! Enjoy your day!


  2. I’m so glad I stumbled upon this list of fun things to do around the house! Between keeping up with my job at Dish and maintaining my household, I don’t have a lot of time to come up with activities for the kids. This list does all the work for me! My children have become quite the experts in fort building these days. It’s fun to see them transform our home into a playhouse! In fact, we’ve started a new tradition called Wednesday Night Movie Night where they build a fort big enough for us all to crawl in and watch a movie. We have the Blockbuster@Home service through our Dish account that allows us access to tons of movie, so we are never without something new to watch. Wednesdays are my new favorite night of the week! This mini tradition was completely inspired by your ideas, so thank you!

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