Hey everybody!! Little puzzled reading the title??? I stepped into my “t”wentieth year  last Sunday! And it was indeed a tremendous,terrific and thought-provoking birthday! And I’m so thankful to God for gifting me this birthday.Yeah,that’s another “t” adjective! Thanks for noticing 😉

Now a little flashback! Three days before my birthday,something happened which made this birthday very special for me.It was an accident.A bike accident.How can an accident make your birthday special?-I can hear you ask.I’ll tell you why.Well,as I was riding back from my college,I took a careless right turn,not noticing the speeding bike behind me.Yeah,speeding bike,so obviously he wasn’t able to control the speed and drove straight into me.For a second,I did not know what was happening,it was a very harsh collision.I was thrown off my bike and my head hit the road.But as I was wearing a helmet,it took the beating,but still I was so dizzy from the fall.Then God made me realise that I was lying down on one of the most busy roads.So I got up and walked fast to the side of the road.I still do not know how I did that,because my knee was injured but for a few seconds,I guess God gave me the strength to pull myself up and walk that fast.And there was my bike-the mirror all broken and the front panel totally out of shape.The people who helped me out were amazed that I escaped with a few injuries.What can I say? Totally God’s grace.I “tasted” of His goodness that day.His mercy in full.The accident has been a life changing experience for me.

So this nineteenth birthday is truly a gift right from God’s Hands.Some of you know that this is not my first accident(My First Hit),so I need to be more careful I guess.Again,all thanks to Jesus,I’m alive and kicking!!!

Another amazing thing, my birthday was on a SUNDAY!!! My favourite day of the week!! 🙂 It was an eventful day.Went to church that morning,after coming home from church service,I cut a  cake and had a little celebration with my family 🙂 My family is another beautiful gift from God’s own Hands! It’s the evening I was really looking forward to.I decided to celebrate my birthday with my friends at YWorship-the wonderful group of people who always brighten my day!! We had a very useful Worship session that day and later,it was all photographs,cakes and laughter.Another YWorship friend had completed his course  in India and was going back to Nigeria-his homeland.So we had a little farewell for him too.YWorship friends surprised me with a  beautiful birthday wish card.Also another youth leader of ours gifted me a very useful book titled “Nuggets of Gold”.Had a totally great time and was filled with thanks to Jesus for blessing me with loving family,friends and relatives.

The next day was a working day for me,but I had no plans of celebrating my birthday in college.Little did I know that some of my friends were planning to! I went to my friends’ room in the hostel.I go there all the time.The room is shared by 6 girls-two lovely friends from Mizoram,a best friend from my class and three other good friends.They surprised me with a cake!!! Wow,so my birthday isn’t over yet?,I thought.They also showered me with gifts.In everything they did for me that day,they added so much love and I was able to see it in their eyes.Gifted girl,ain’t I? They even got chocolates for their friends as a mark of celebrating my birthday!!! Gosh,I should be the one doing that,right??? How lovely!! Overwhelming happiness!

I received very close-to-the-heart gifts this year.A wonderful glass dolphin from my best friend since school,a beautiful ceramic gift and card from my friends from the hostel,a keychain with a Bible verse from my benchmate cum listener-of-all-my- lamentations-and-pointless-talks friend,and ofcourse several phone calls and few mails from friends and family.Another best friend from school ,who is miles away from me ,sent me a beautiful hand-made art and a touchy letter.It was such a sweet surprise for me.Made my heart smile.And there’s another.My senior from school,more like a best friend and sister now,who always makes herself available when I need anything and takes happiness in every good thing that happens to me,sent me a very cute birthday card and a poem written exclusively for me.Filled with happy tears!!!! This birthday has been full of surprises.

And today,days after my birthday,I received a call from my aunt cum best friend and I talked with her for so long.I was so excited to receive her call.That itself was a big gift for me!! Best conversation we have ever had!! This reminds me of Tia’s post “Back to the Salt Mines,people,because you never know when you’re going to find your birthday present“.Very true Tia,my birthday gifts keep coming!!!

Unfortunately,today was not a very good day at college,and I was feeling gloomy,and that’s right when my aunt called.God has so many ways of amazing me!! The keychain which I received as a gift had these words:You will not be forgotten by me”-Isaiah 44:21.God truly has not forgotten me.He knows when I need something and He knows when exactly to provide it! Jesus-you are  awe-inspiring!!!! 🙂

PS:My bike is back after the repairs.They changed the front panel,the mirrors.It did cost a lot but now it looks very new !! That’s a plus 😉


6 thoughts on ““T”remendous,”T”errific,”T”hought-provoking—-“T”wenty!!!!

  1. I’m so glad you’re okay!!! That’s really scary… Also, I’m so glad you had a fabulous birthday! Sounds like so much fun. 😀 Thanks for linking to my post – presents just keep coming, don’t they? Great post, LynAn!


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