Even the smallest of things

Yesterday happened to be one of those days when I just stand amazed of how God works.Sometimes God’s love and the things He does shock me.But as Christians,I don’t think God’s actions should shock us,because we know full well that Jesus is capable of what we can imagine and far beyond.

But still at times,things take us by surprise.This is because,I believe,we go about forgetting how big our God is,and when He sends a gentle reminder,it shocks us because we weren’t ready or expecting Him to be faithful when we were not.

One such incident happened to me yesterday.This verse came to my mind instantly:

                         So what actually happened? Well to some of you,this may sound silly,but this is so important to me that I can’t help but sharing.

I don’t own a laptop,a tab and I don’t use my phone to access the internet,so that makes it clear:I use a desktop.Today evening I was switching on my computer as usual but the response was not usual.My processor started making beeping sounds and my monitor wouldn’t switch on.I tried checking all the connections but nothing seemed to work and those loud beeps really drove me mad.

If the same problem had occurred a year ago,I would have just unplugged my system and asked my dad to contact the service engineers who would come and set it right.But this time my ego came into play.Why?Because I’m pursuing Computer Science and engineering ,how can I possibly ask someone else to set my computer right even before me trying!!??? And also the thought that those people will charge pretty high no matter how small the problem is,made me so uncomfortable to go to them.But as this is related to hardware,I had no idea what to do either.

My place is famous for its power cuts and it happened once again.The room where my computer is, does not have an invertor connection.The room was dark but still I couldn’t find it in my heart to leave it as such.I wanted to try something.I had learnt from my college seniors some time back  the possible reasons for a computer restarting time and time again.Eventhough my problem was very different from that,I thought I’ll just try what they suggested,which involved opening the Central Processing Unit and examining things.Mom was totally against it,she told me not to try,especially with no power ,but I just wasn’t able to sit idle.I grabbed a torch,a screw driver and sat to work.*mom standing near,frowning*

After I opened,everything seemed so right.Everything was in perfect position and all that..Still I did certain adjustments and sealed it back up.I said a small prayer.I was totally hopeless at that point.It almost felt like all I did was only going to make it worse.So I just went to my room and waited for the power supply to resume.

Even after we got power,I just wasn’t willing to switch on my computer and see if it actually worked.As I said,no belief whatsoever.I even searched the phone directory for the service engineer’s number.”why not give it a try”-the voice in my head.So I switched it back again.Yeah,you guessed it right,it worked..I did not hear the beeping sound and the monitor switched on too.Even then I was literally waiting for the computer to shut down ‘coz I didn’t have the slightest belief that my computer was alright.

Started wondering.I had prayed to God but I didn’t have the slightest faith,not even that of a mustard seed.God chose to remain faithful because, as the verse says, He cannot disown Himself.He pays attention to even the smallest of details,gives ear to even the smallest of prayers,even the prayers said with not much faith.How sweet of Him! Each day He gives me reasons to love Him more,but His love always remains greater 🙂


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