I sing,I move,I dance ‘coz Jesus loves me!

“Jesus loves EVEN me”-these lines always ring in my ears! Of late,God has been teaching me and showing me that I’m always surrounded by His love.This confirmation always keeps me singing πŸ™‚

The stage between being a kid and a teenager,is ,I believe,the strangest of years!!! Our thinking process changes and so do our likes,views and beliefs.Being born a Christian,my parents always encouraged me to attend Sunday Bible classes at church.I used to love packing my bag with a Bible,a few colouring books,pencils,sketch pens and walk/cycle to church.Our sessions would include action songs,moral stories,group activities and prayer.

As years went by and as I was growing up,shyness crept in.I would hesitate moving or dancing for the songs.The very activity I loved seemed so strange to me.”How can I dance or move like that??? oh look at her,she’s quite old and she’s doing an action song! no way!!” would be the voice in my head.I thought “big” kids don’t move in front of other people!!!!

How wrong was I!!! In my mid teens,I accepted Jesus as my personal Saviour.That’s when I realised that people love singing and dancing Β to gospel numbers not because they’ve been asked to,but because they’ve tasted of God’s love and they can’t contain the joy!!! So,now as I attend youth worship sessions and meetings,I always look forward to activities and action songs like a little kid,because to Jesus,20 or 80,we are always little kids,and He loves seeing us express our joy and thanking Him!

No shyness,no hesitation,nothing.If there’s an action song going on,I’ll run and join in!! Because I know Jesus loves me and He loves me true!!!

P.S:2 days ago,I sprained my Β leg while singing an action song πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ So what??my soul continues to leap,eventhough I am limping on the outside!! πŸ˜‰ God bless you all!!!

And hey why don’t you start with this song???!!! Get up,get moving!!!! Jesus is the winner man,the winner man ALL THE TIME!!


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