The truth is,it’s not going to work!

Yeah,it’s never going to work.

Such a negative phrase to start a post with,you may complain.But as is stated,it’s the TRUTH!It’s simply not going to work,if you don’t decide to work on it.

This is a post which I’ve been planning on writing for several months,but just thought I would observe and wait for a few days,just to make sure,you know? From all my observations and my experiences,I have come to the conclusion that nothing or no one can make you do something but yourself.

Remember those times when you felt so down and thought that nothing was working your way? Maybe later you would have stumbled upon an inspiring quote or a wonderful blog post or an autobiography which could have brightened you up.I’ve been in such situations several times.And when I listen to someone sharing how they made it through or when I read some motivational passages,I feel so energised and want to conquer my worries right away.The next minute,I either go to bed and sleep it away or start worrying again,or even worse,I leave something undone halfway.Sad.Especially with the diet and exercise thing..oh man! I read several interesting and fun ways of exercising,tasty yet healthy diet plans,but no,I never once followed any of them. πŸ˜€

So I was just wondering,”Those words were so good..that was a very touching testimony..that was an encouraging story,then why didn’t it push me a little harder??? Why did I fall into my depressed state again???” As I read those questions of mine again,I broke into laughter.”Why didn’t those words push me???”-that’s so stupid,it should be me pushing myself to do better,nothing else!!

So before I type anything more,I need to remind you,all the above said things stand true for this post too.I write this to tell you what I have learnt,and unless you want to really remember these and try harder,this is going to be yet another momentary-benefit post.

A question arises now-so what is that we do when motivations fail to motivate us??? Sad to say,there’s is just no shortcut to this.To overcome temptations,you have to put your heart ,your soul and mind and decide strongly,yes strongly that you have to stop doing or start doing something.Otherwise it’s never going to work.As the clichΓ© goes,”Nobody promised it’s going to be easy.”

But verily verily I say unto you,reading the Bible is such a great comfort and going down on your knees,even better! But most of the times when we have problems,we don’t feel like taking the Bible,so that again needs a lot of effort from the “inside”.So it all comes down to one person:YOU!

If you really feel like God has destined you to do something and you are presented with the chance,never ever say no,accept it and work on it.If you think the temptation you are falling into is dragging you down into a pit,accept it,remind yourself of His greater mercy and work on coming out of your temptations.If you think you are addicted to some of the basic things like sleeping,eating,or even your hobbies that you end up spending all your time on them,pull yourself together and prioritise.The bitter truth is not everything is going to come your way as a free gift.Accept it.

Time to charge yourself up!

Maybe everything would fall into place,if you could “charge yourself up” and stop “looking around” for inspirations or motivations.And just want to remind you that,in the process of pushing yourself to do something,don’t forget to do what you love and to love the lovely people around you.And of course don’t forget to laugh πŸ˜€


6 thoughts on “The truth is,it’s not going to work!

    1. Dear sis,thank you so much for taking time to read and comment.means a lot to me! Yeah,He is the one to be thanked ALWAYS! πŸ™‚ Continue praying for me!! Thanks again! πŸ™‚

  1. Dieting, Exercising and Girls have a real life long relationship… πŸ™‚ They happen and then they dont… I know what you’re talking about there….

  2. truly said. .happens in our everyday life, we start something passionately, yet half way down the road we hardly remember what prompted us to start in the beginning. . :):) you have set forth a wonderful reminder:) beautifully written!!!

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