One less praying heart

There are several areas where God has strengthened me,certain things which I used to cry upon years ago,don’t upset me much these days.But there’s one thing I’ve never learnt-How to accept someone’s demise as a part of life and move on.It gets harder when that someone is really special.

Yesterday,I lost a special someone.She’s an old woman who hails from my grandparents’ place.Four years ago,when I suffered from a sickness,my grandma had told her about it and asked her to pray.With the prayers of so many loved ones like her,I was healed miraculously.But there’s a reason why I call her “special”.As mentioned earlier,it’s been four years since I was delivered,but all through the four years she’s been praying me through.While everyone else prayed for me and rejoiced over my healing,she prayed to God not only to “heal me” but to “keep me” that way.How wonderful! I’ve met her only twice in my life,during which I was able to see the love in her eyes,the true concern she showed.I believe and I know that her prayers played a very BIG part in upholding me.

You know,there are certain times when you taste of God’s mercy and you feel like you don’t deserve it at all,times when God gave you something even when you never prayed for it-I’ve been in such situations many a time.Now,I know that is because,people like her were lifting me up to the Lord in their prayers.Have you ever listened to Don’ Moen’s “Somebody’s praying for me”?.If you had,you would know what I’m talking about.Whenever I listen to the song,she is one of the few people I think about.She truly lived up to the verse,

“Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.”-James 5:16


The two times I met her,I went back home and cried,I cried because God had given such a wonderful gift to an unworthy recipient.I used to cry silently asking God to give her a very long life.

Maybe God’s plan was different.Now that she’s gone,I feel lost all of a sudden.What am I going to do with one less praying heart? 😦 It’s funny,how when you need a person the most,they’re not there.

My life isn’t going to get better if I hold a grudge against God for taking her away from us,is it?

Whenever you share the struggle you’re going through with someone else,it’s such a good comfort to hear the words,”I shall pray for you”,isn’t it?It is for me.Not all who say so,do so,but hearing those words itself is strengthening.Today I resolve to do one thing-pray more.I want to pray for everyone out there because I know what it is to get a miracle when you least expect it.A prayer is the first step towards a miracle.Each one has a different calling in life,but if there’s one ministry all of us can do,then it’s PRAYER.Surprise someone with your prayer today and expect nothing,yes NOTHING in return.But one thing’s for sure,even if you don’t expect,you’re sure to experience God’s mercies when you pray for others.I’ve been in situations when praying is simply not possible.Maybe you too know how it feels.Someone else could be feeling that way right now,why don’t we help them?

Start with me today.Do say a prayer for the loving Dora Martin’s family members,who need strength to accept her permanent absence.Yesterday was India’s “Independence day”.It was hers too,as she finally earned independence from the cares of this world.Jesus,you’re so fortunate! Now you get to have her for yourself!


6 thoughts on “One less praying heart

  1. Wow, LynAn…. Your faith is so strong and you have such a keen insight into the Bible. You’re a wonderful example. I know it’s really hard to lose a close friend. I love how you called her a “praying heart.” You’re so sweet, selfless, and a true gem. This has definitely lifted my spirits today!


    1. Tia,thanks for reading my post 🙂 and I’m super glad I got to lift your spirits up through my post.This is the one reason I love sharing my thoughts-people coming and telling me that it helped them too!! :)and thanks for all the nice words you put in for me,that’s very sweet of you!

  2. Dear Iynan, I can see her still alive in your heart and still working through your heart 🙂 She’s just playing hide and seek in the disguise of her demise. Isn’t it ? So, my prayer is she should be alive in this way all throughout. Gowri

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