It’s torture right?? yes,it is.Loneliness can be easily named one of the worst feelings in the world.If we drew a top 10 or something,it would definitely be among the first five.And the funny fact is,we can be surrounded by thousands of people and still feel lonely,yeah you read it right,you can feel lonely in a crowd,coz “being alone” and “feeling lonely” are two different things.

A few days ago, a very close friend/sister of mine shared with me an incident which she witnessed on her way back from college.Ever since,I’m been brooding over the question in the title above:”What does it feel like to be lonely?” There are just so many other feelings that can creep in when we are feeling lonely…ok now,back to my sister.

When she was getting ready to board a train,she saw two blind men waiting to board theirs.Railway stations,especially in the evenings,can get so crowded that you can easily get lost.With everyone in a hurry to get into the train,they paid little or no attention to these two men who were struggling to find their way.The two men depended on each other,one would lead and the other would follow,and their roles often switched.After a few minutes of confusion,one of them got into the train not knowing that the other was still on the platform.He thought his friend followed him into the train compartment.He discovered that he left his friend behind only after the train started to move and after some who were on the train explained the situation to him.He was devastated.

We never came to know what happened to them after that.We’ve been questioning ourselves,”Did they get back together safely again”?,”What about the man on the platform?Did he know his friend had boarded the train?”,”Did anyone tell him that or was he  clueless?” And ended up telling ourselves that at this point,there’s nothing we could do,but  pray and hope for the best.It would be great if someone gave us the confirmation but that’s life,not all your questions are answered.

I bet when you read the above incident,you put yourselves in that position and had this feeling- “LOST”…Is this felt only by blind people and small kids?No,We don’t have to be really blind to get lost in life.But most of the time,we feel all lost and stranded because we make ourselves blind to the things that are before us-the opportunities,the blessings,the goal,the destination,the future.

The truth is, loneliness can actually bring the best out of you,it can actually help you discover yourself in a whole new different way.Take me for instance,I discovered I had the gift of writing only when I felt lost and lonely with the death of my dear ones.You might want to read this:Why dont you write?Most of the time,when we are alone we end up thinking that we are the most unfortunate ones in the world and that our battle is the hardest.But the truth is,there are thousands fighter harder battles,like the ones mentioned above.

When you are alone next time and stupid thoughts like “giving up” trash your mind,think of all the times God was there for you,of all His blessings and His wonderful amazing grace.Think of people who are in worse situations and say a prayer for them.Be positive and keep hoping.And when you realise that no pit is too deep to come out of and that it’s nothing compared to the depth of God’s love,lend a hand to someone who’s lost.As I said,loneliness can bring the best out of you,if only you let it.

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path”-Psalm 119:105

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