31 girl

Here I go,my first post in “Grab a book” category.Why did I start this?? Well,because I think there’s no better way to spend your free time than reading a good book.How do you get to know about a good book?? By having book lovers as your friends and by reading such posts 🙂

It’s obvious from the fact of me blogging,that I love writing.But do I love reading?To be honest,I’m not a voracious reader or anything but if I like a book,it will have me glued to it until I finish reading atleast once.It’s funny how I put that sentence right? “glued”-this word has been most often used in the phrase -“glued to the television”.How sad! A book definitely deserves more attention than a TV.

I’m glad I’m starting  this category off  with the book “31 girl” by Youth leader Mary Simpson.It was gifted to me by my youth leader cum very good friend.Ever since I started reading this book,I’ve been repeatedly thanking God for somehow bringing this book into my life.If you’re a girl in your teens or twenties having numerous questions in your mind,and if you really want to lead a happy life and you don’t know how,”31 girl” is your answer.This book is based on the verses in Proverbs 31 that describe the ideal woman who is strongly rooted in God.What surprised me is we could be like her too!!!

I’m not much of a book reviewer,actually not at all!! But I just couldn’t keep to myself the joy I derive from reading this book.Every chapter of it is beautifully written comparing the verses of the Bible to life today,real life stories,wonderful poetry,treasure tips(you’ll love these,I’m sure!! ) and much more.Once you start reading it,you’ll feel the book is custom tailored just for you.! :)And you’ll love the feeling of growing in Christ taking one step at a time.

This book has also helped me realise that I should spend more time reading books like these which are real rejuvenators of the soul.So if you are in your teens or twenties,this book is a must read.And hey even if you’re older,you can grab a copy! You know, I’m in my late teens,but when I read some kids books,I learn something new even now.So I bet this book has something to teach you too!!!! After all,it’s never too late to learn and change for the better.

You can purchase this book online and also get to know more about the author.Here’s the site address:http://www.31girl.com.au/Be benefited,be happy,be you!!


2 thoughts on “31 girl

  1. Respected ma’am Lynan, you reviewed a book that I cannot read.. so i request you to review any christian book you read…hope you will do it ma’am

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