In the arms of the Father

Matt Maher-one of my favourite gospel singers I should say.Listened to one of his songs recently and I’ve been in love with it ever since.The lyrics ,the music – there’s definitely something about it,something special which kept me listening to the song time and time again.I found the song in youtube where it was coupled with a beautiful collection of pictures which made it even more special.I will include the video at the end of this post so that you could benefit from it too!

There’s this line in the song which is my favourite-“In the arms of the Father,as the wayward child comes home”..These words are toooo beautiful!!!! In the arms of the Father-wow!! isn’t that a great feeling,to hide safely in the hollow of the hands of Jesus!! Just like the line says,we are wayward children most of the time,wandering away from God’s grace,forgetting His love and all the good things He has done for us.But we always have a place to come back to-the arms of the Father,and when we truly experience the warmth of such a feeling,we would never want to wander away.Yes,sometimes things go out of control and we become too frustrated to take hope anymore or we get too tempted to can’t resist giving in.I believe during such times this song will be a BIG help.

After listening to this song,everytime I feel sad or tempted or disturbed,I tell myself “In the arms of the Father!!”,and it gives me so much comfort to know that I actually fit in somewhere,that there’s someone always looking out for me! 🙂 I wouldn’t say this song will change you just like that in one second,whoosh!! no…it takes time for a wayward child to realise that he’s actually gone astray.So,maybe next yime you feel like you’ve lost your way,these humble words and His numerous comforting words from the Bible will lead you home-to His arms!! 🙂


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