Why don’t you write??

Sometimes bad things bring the best out of us.

Friends call me the “bottling up” kind.Yes,I am.I don’t usually share my worries or problems with friends.I mostly keep it to myself or put it in prayer.But a few years back,I discovered I could write to get away from  them.I don’t have to necessarily write about my problems,I can write about some happy things which will help me forget the short-lived problems of life.Writing is a perfect getaway.

A few months back,when I was having a little chat with my friend,I was talking about how college changes a lot of people and how college demands a lot of changes from us and that I was not adopting very well to it.And my friend suggested,”Hey,why not write about something??We’ll come up with some topics.”I smiled.I know writing can lift up my spirit,then why didn’t I do it?Sometimes we all need a little reminder.

I write a lot of stuff.I write articles,poems.I’ve also attempted writing fairy tales with some degree of success ;)And now I’ve started blogging too.Blogging is more like “typing”,but still I would put it in the writing category.It all started from a bad incident.Yes,you read it right.I wrote my first poem a month after my grandma passed away.Well,I’ve written a few when I was a kid but this one was the first spontaneous one.When my grandma passed away,I was shattered.I felt a big void in my life.I remember crying on the inside  for hours.Even today when I think about her,I miss her even more.So when I was battling with such feelings back then,God helped me come out of it and take strength,based on which ,I penned my first poem.That’s when I discovered I had the gift of writing.

Six months after my grandma passed away,my grandpa left us too.It was another fatal blow.My grandparents loved to have plants,and even after my grandma went through surgeries,she used to walk to her garden and water the plants.And now as I was sitting by the window,looking at the garden which they tended beautifully,I was put to tears,as a result of which I wrote another poem.I used to spend all my summer vacations at my grandparents’ place,so they are very close to my heart.After they passed away,most of my vacations were spent in loneliness,when I penned even more poems.So that’s why I said sometimes bad things bring the best out of us.

So here I am writing a post about “writing” :)Least I could do for the activity I love the most.So what I’m trying to say is,you don’t have to be pulled down by not so good circumstances in life.Maybe they just present themselves to help us discover our gifts.Not just writing,you can sing,play an instrument or just read.Discover the talents you have been blessed with and stick to it.God speaks to you through them.You just have to be ready to listen.


4 thoughts on “Why don’t you write??

  1. Hey hey hey… WOW that was cool. Sure as hell put a smile in my face.

    Isn’t it nice to know that despite evrything there’s always something that’s worth looking forward to. Something in people, that drives them. Something really strong. Call it PASSION. Call it LOVE. Call it whatever you want, coz ultimately its yours. Whatever it is. It’s a BLESSING. Embrace it. Cherish it. Find your happiness. Bottom line is
    There’s a silver lining in every dark cloud,
    There’s always a way to change things around.
    If that’s what you meant, I surely got your message.

    I want you to read this..

    1. thank u 🙂 I’m glad it conveyed exactly what I wanted to convey.
      and that’s a beautiful article,thanks a lot for sharing 🙂
      and yes,the future’s never dark if we believe,take faith and learn to smile in the storm.

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