He knows my pace

I am the kind of person who is constantly thinking about something,especially while travelling,travelling by foot or travelling in a vehicle(definitely not while driving one :o)…A few weeks back,unfortunately,I got my left foot fractured.Since I had my exams,I was not able to rest and had to walk to my exam hall everyday.Climbing steps was also involved.Obviously,with my fractured foot I wasn’t able to walk in my usual pace.So now,that gave me even more time to think.

Most of the time,when I’m walking to the hall,my friends accompany me.They find it difficult to walk that slow but they try.Sometimes without their knowledge they walk too fast only to realise after a few seconds that I’m lagging behind.Sometimes they’re too cautious not to walk faster than me that they end up walking slower than me.At the end of the day,we laugh upon all such incidents.So no one actually understands my pace.

In everyday life too,people fail to understand our pace.Sometimes they push us too hard to keep up with somebody else’s pace.But He knows our pace.Yes,Jesus knows our pace.Eventhough we keep changing our pace every once in a while,He knows exactly when our next step will be.He never goes ahead of us or behind us but beside us.That’s a great consolation to every human being coz most of us yearn to be understood.And to know that there’s actually someone who understands us perfectly,now that’s a blessing.

God knows how much time we need to recover from our fall,to change our ways,to make a decision,to accomplish a task,so He is so patient with us.He gives us the time we need.Ever since this thought struck me,I’ve learnt to smile when I struggle to walk with my fractured foot,knowing that He knows my pace. 🙂


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