Keeping it alive

It’s Christmas!! I bet everyone’s happy! So am I! I was thinking that I should do atleast one useful thing this season..How about taking resolutions??? Everyone takes them on New Year’s day,I just wanted to be different.After all,Christ’s birthday can also be considered the New Year’s day for we are stepping one year closer to His second coming on earth.

As I thought of the many resolutions,I thought why not bring the dead alive??? Yeah ,I mean it,bringing the dead traditions alive.Even as a child,I loved writing letters.It was a part of our curriculum at school.But in reality,I’ve never actually written any letter and posted it.Ofcourse,I’ve written a few letters to my friends,but always gave it to them in person..But now,who writes letters??? With advanced technology,nobody would even think of doing so.Another long forgotten tradition is sending greeting cards.I still remember how my grandparents attached so much importance to sending cards with a personal note with it.I used to help them write the “To” address 😉

So,I decided.That’s what I’m going to do.Keep the art alive.I arrived at this decision only a few days ago,which made it impossible for me to execute this plan to a great extent.But come on,it’s just a start.and I’m happy I did it.Even better is seeing the happiness of the person at the receiving end! I was able to send only one card to my friends at church,who happen to be sisters.They sure were surprised.I also surprised a couple of my friends at college with greeting cards..Not a bad beginning at all…

Finally,I don’t want this to become one of my many long forgotten resolutions..I wanna stick to it and keep spreading the joy! Hopefully ,I will..MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!


2 thoughts on “Keeping it alive

  1. I agree Lynan. Greetings always add a personal touch and it is so much better sending one through post rather than an e-card. You go Girl. Revive the tradition again. And of course I remember getting a card every year without fail from periappa and periamma. 🙂

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