With Sunday comes pure joy

Most of us,irrespective of how old we are,look forward to Sundays.Some wait for Sundays just because it’s a holiday and they can do all the fun things they want to do.For students and office-goers it’s a day of freedom! I’m no exception,my favourite day of the week is SUNDAY!!!..But for a different reason.For Lord’s people Sunday is probably the busiest day of the week but we only love it all the more!

When I was a little kid,Sunday was all about attending Sunday service,Sunday school,coming home and having a good Sunday lunch 😉 But now it means much more.Sunday keeps me outdoors most of the time,and I totally love it.Those who know me well,know that I’m not the type of girl who loves spending time outdoors,but it doesn’t apply on Sundays!Attending church is more than just a ritual now.Youth gatherings are not just a time of praising God,it’s about realising oneself and where we are.Every Sunday is a learning experience.Every song is more than just lyrics and music.

And of course youth gatherings and Sunday services give us a wonderful getting together experience which no other day or occasion can give.That’s when nobody’s a stranger.Everyone’s exchanging smiles and greetings.It’s just too good.We get to pray for the ones we hardly know but still, hearing the wonderful testimonies of how God heard the group prayer only leaves us yearning for more such time together.

There’s this gathering called YWorship in our place which unites students and youth from different states and even different countries who have come here to pursue their education.It’s a whole new experience attending those meets for it gives me the opportunity to meet different people and to learn of everyone’s love for God and how graciously God has touched everyone’s life. To put it in a nutshell,Sunday fellowships are the best and when each Sunday comes to an end,I look forward to the next! 🙂


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