Looking back

Birthdays!!! It’s during this time of the year we look back and reflect on everything that’s happened in our life.This birthday is really special to me.This is the first time I feel like I’m a “grown up”,since I’ll no longer be a teenager after a year.

I wouldn’t call this birthday a pompous one,it had no pomp,no show but was beautiful in a unique way,a simple way.

I woke up with thanksgiving to the Lord,it was just too emotional for me…God has been so good to me and the fact that He loves me so much made me cry..Love so pure! How blessed we are.And I’ve been blessed with some really good relatives and friends,for which I’ll be ever grateful.My relatives started calling me right from 6 :30 am and I was touched by their care and affection for their prayers and wishes mean a lot to me! So did some of my friends.Some sent messages at 12:00 am sharp! So that’s how my day begun.Wishes pouring in from loved ones 🙂 And at college,there wasn’t much of a celebration..my school friends who are with me in college too,showered their wishes and got a beautiful gift too :)Few others sent me messages in fb,posted on my wall some beautiful messages and birthday posters.

And yes,as always,some really close ones forgot my birthday too but there were others who totally surprised me with their calls!In every wish,I could really see the true affection from everyone.I’ve never felt this way on any other birthday.Part of growing up,I guess.

And this is the verse through which God talked to me : 2 Thessalonians 3:3 “But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one.” It was so comforting to read this verse on this day.I find the words really powerful! God’s giving us strength and He’s faithful to us,even us!!! That’s just beautiful,don’t you think??? And He “protects” us too.In this busy world,we’re in the snare of the evil one even before we know!! So to know that we’re under His protection gives us more than enough reasons to be fearless!

So now when I look back,I see all those “not so straight” paths,those days of trials and tests.When I was facing them,I thought I would never get through and sometimes even thought all that made no sense.But from where I am now,everything makes perfect sense.I realise why I had to go through everything I had gone through and that the stones and rough paths were kept there for a reason.Maybe if I had known that it would end perfectly,I wouldn’t have complained.But then,I saw only my present but didn’t think about my future.But my God saw my future and made me ready for that.From where I am now,the race continues,but this time with even more confidence and faith knowing that the Lord sees my future and guides my present.


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