It’s about quality,not quantity!

Last week was simply a beautiful week of my life.My cousins,uncle and aunt visited us and I had an awesome time with them,especially the kids.Exams,written work and hectic schedules had taken a toll on me and I was drowning coz of the stress.So the gathering couldn’t have come at a better time,it sure did save me from the monotony.

They weren’t at our home all the time.They had other places to visit too.And I had exams coming up for which I had to prepare.So I wasn’t able to spend much time with them or join with them when they visited the tourist spots in and around.But the little time I had with the kids was simply wonderful.Everyday my little brother would wake up in the morning and sit with me just to talk to me.Those are the loveliest moments I could ever get.My cousin has a great fascination for cars,trains and the like.So he would talk to me about them with such expertise.Most of the time,I would get lost in admiration.He also asks a lot about college life which he will be experiencing in another 8 years.Then there’s my little sister,I bet you,you can’t resist cuddling her. 🙂 And my cousins had the CD of Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang which I loved watching.I don’t know why but it has become my close-to-the-heart film.It just injected so much positiveness into me.You might be thinking it’s some puerile film to watch,but seriously I hold it dear.

We had the most fun on the last day of their stay.We settled in the veranda,played cricket,had a good laugh over a lot of things.The kid inside everyone was just popping out-absolutely no inhibitions! It was good to witness the lively side of everyone.

Just as it was time for them to leave,my lil brother got so sad.He almost cried.I was touched by his affection and by his love for all of us.I know,he wanted so badly to stay.As they got onto the car and left,he almost launched his entire body outside the window just to say goodbye..We kept waving waving and waving till the car turned the corner.

As the day ended,I realised how much blessed I am to have got a loving family.Ours is a big family,especially my mom’s side,and I totally love all those family gatherings ,be it for a few minutes or for many days.It’s not about the quantity of time we spend together but about the quality of time and about how much love and care we put into it!

PS:Due to certain administrative reasons,exams have been postponed and we have been given a long vacation!!! Had I known it earlier,I would have enjoyed every minute of those 5 days…Never mind,I’m off to Chennai to meet my cousins! 🙂


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