There’s so much burden associated with our life on earth.But that’s not the burden I’m talking about.”Burden” can not only mean “burden of this world” but also “burden for this world“.

We usually tend to pray more sincerely for ourselves and for our loved ones than for others who are not so close to us but are in need of our prayer anyway.I was just thinking how quickly the phrase “I’ll pray for you” comes out of our mouth..We keep our word but do we do it sincerely? My family gives so much importance for prayer and I’ve been brought up in that way too.But to be honest,sometimes my prayer is just a “mouth prayer” and not a “heart one”.Most of us fall into this category,I guess.When I attend prayer gatherings,I’ve seen prayer leaders pray from the bottom of their hearts.They pray with so much love and affection for him/her that most of the times,they are filled with tears.I wonder why I never have this prayer burden for the people of the world,people I hardly know.But I discovered that God has sown the burden within all of us but we don’t just cultivate it!

A few days before,a classmate of mine,who’s from a different state was caught using his cellphone during class hours.Our professor got so angry that he lashed out at him.The boy had no idea how to react and most of us laughed seeing his reaction.He attended the rest of the classes for the day ,so we assumed he hadn’t taken it seriously.But he absented himself from class from the next day.We are not sure why he hasn’t attended classes since then but some speculated that he was upset about what happened the other day.

I don’t even know how to spell or pronounce this guy’s name correctly but as I was sitting in my room today,I felt as if someone was asking me to pray for him.I didn’t get down to my knees or anything.I just closed my eyes to pray.For one second,I put myself in his place and imagined how I would have felt if those words were aimed at me,how alienated I would feel when I’m several miles away and among people who don’t even know my language..Tears started rolling down my cheeks.For a few minutes I didn’t understand why I was crying but then realised that God was giving me a prayer burden for that guy and for other students from his area.

Now,I know what it is to “really” pray for a person with burden.It’s within all of us but while praying, we never put ourselves in the place of someone else who is suffering.All we have to do is pray,pray again,and pray more.


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