How long?

We always forget the obvious fact that waiting takes time!! “Good things come to those who wait“…But one question which always crops up in my mind is ,how long should I wait to get to know what God has for me??? I never arrive at an answer but pondering upon this made me realise what makes waiting so tough…Especially when you’re waiting for God’s promises to be fulfilled.

I’m afraid 😦    No matter how many times God assures us of His promises through His words in the Bible,we just can’t stop worrying.I’m such a fearful person,that’s what everyone tells about me,including my family.And I don’t deny it either.I can get fear so easily and every time it creeps in,it’s so extreme,be it for a small thing or a big one.But most of the times,I just don’t dwell on it.God helps me defeat it through prayer.It’s true,you have to experience that to know! I even wrote a poem “Conquest of Fear” about this great realisation.

What if??? 😦    I think the easiest way Satan can attack us is through our thoughts.When we are waiting and praying for something we need badly,we are more likely to encounter negative thoughts.Thoughts which project just the opposite of our wishes.Such thoughts attack me especially when I’m praying.I get so distracted,frustrated and upset.What we have to do is get over that.Defeat that,in other words.As is said in 2 Corinthians 10:5 ,we should take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.Not easy at all,but not impossible either.

But she said so!! 😦    Stay strong in your faith and belief.When we are doubtful about something in our life,we tend to talk and ask the suggestions of many around us.Some give us really valuable advice and encouraging words ,but in most cases, the predictions are bad.We forget that miracles are unimaginable things actually happening.So worldly things and possibilities don’t matter at all.All we require is complete submission and constant prayer.And hey,trust me!! The more you wait,the more you are surprised with God’s work.And even if His answers are different from the ones we expected,it’s always for the best.

So,how long will I wait??? As long as my Lord wants me to!!


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