My First Hit

I do not know what your  first thought was on  seeing the title of this post.Because “hit” can refer to quite a lot of things..But what I meant by “first hit” was “hitting a car with my scooty”…

“Screech…”, “thud…”, are two of the common sounds we hear in our everyday travel.If it’s not so,then you’ve certainly not visited  my part of the world.Most of the vehicle riders seldom follow traffic rules and not to forget,there are no strict rules either.New to driving,I always told myself that I should be a very careful rider,thus avoiding any trouble to me or the people around.(but who knew?? decisions like these are hard to follow!! )

As a college student,I ride to college everyday by a scooty(or a scooter,have it your way)..I don’t ride fast,I just go with an “okay” speed.Unfortunately,I hit a car a few days back. I admit,the mistake was mine.It was a lonely road( never really expected an accident there).There were only two vehicles flying that day.One ,being my scooty and the other,a car.The one driving the car before me was just learning to drive which I figured out from the “L” board.Not wanting to over take the vehicle,I was riding slowly behind the car( Dumb mistake 1: Riding too close to a vehicle before).My shawl( which is a part of the Indian women’s wear) ,was dancing in the air causing me great disturbance.( Dumb mistake 2: Not tying the shawl strong enough)Trying to get hold of my shawl without stopping,I took my left hand from the hand bar.( Yes,that’s dumb mistake 3)By that time,I wasn’t paying any attention to the car before.The next sequence of events happened in the blink of an eye.The driver before me stopped his car suddenly,my hand was not on my brake and there I go..Crash!!! ( I don’t know how well you picturised the incident.But from my position,it was terrible)

Though all of it was my mistake ,God’s grace saved me once again,The force pushed me forward and again to the seat when there was every possibility of me falling to the ground.The engine of my vehicle stopped at the right time too..Fortunately,I wasn’t badly hurt,my scooty took it all..the man on the car,got down to start his advice for me.I had no other choice but to listen to him quietly…

At the end of the day ,I learnt my lesson that sometimes  “careful” isn’t enough.A little distraction can prove to be fatal..I also learnt that God amazingly saves His children.I called my dad to tell him about the accident and was afraid as to how my parents would react.But they didn’t give a damn about  the scooty ,they were only concerned about me.I should have known that.


5 thoughts on “My First Hit

  1. Girl. be careful when u drive… especially your dupatta…

    One good thing about where I live now… Traffic rules are followed amazingly… No cops around… Still no one crosses the road unless the walk sign is on even though the road be empty… Amazing it is..!!!

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