House Fly Vs Sedative

Sleep -” a natural periodic state of rest for the mind and body, in which the eyes usually close and consciousness is completely or partially lost, so that there is a decrease in bodily movement and responsiveness to external stimuli.” Hmmm….for me,it’s just lying on the bed and getting lost !!!
Staying awake when I’m feeling sleepy is the most difficult thing to do.It only gets tougher when you are under any medication for common cold,fever etc. because most of the tables prescribed for intake at night are sedatives. My eyelids close and I’m asleep!! Nothing in between…but some of our friends ( I call them friends because they are around us almost all the time !! 😉 ) from the “fly” family seem to nullify the effect of the sedatives..Can’t believe??Hear my story!
A few weeks back I was under the attack of common cold and so had to take tablets which were supposed to act as sedatives and put me to sleep.They were doing their job just fine and my eyelids slowly began closing..Just when I was about to “fall” asleep,a fly flew by..the buzzing sound disturbed me a teeny tiny bit but I didn’t care.I didn’t know that the fly’s next destination was my face.There it landed,safe and secure!!! I was almost asleep ,I couldn’t even gather enough strength to lift my arm and shoo it away. So I made some really funny facial movements and so it flew away, only to come come back and perch on a different part of my face this time !!! It didn’t bother me much until I realised that this fly was actually keeping me from sleeping….
The fight continued.My eyelids were begging for sleep and so were my systems..but this fly!!!!!!! Seeing that something was disturbing me,my mom stepped in to solve it for me..The result??? Both of us were hopelessly trying to shoo a fly away,at one point even trying to finish it off!! 😀
In the war against sedative and housefly,clearly housefly won and just flew away after accomplishing its mission! What a day!


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