A Leap

A leap it is!!! From school to college! Yes,I’m going to college in a few days! Though I’m really excited about college ,I have to admit,I’m a little nervous on the inside..

I’ve been waiting for college ever since my 11th grade.Don’t know why,maybe because most of my childhood  friends  moved to other schools for higher secondary.So school didn’t feel the same. But now that I’m done with school,I really miss those days. I’ve gone to only one school in my entire life!! Now you can see why I miss my school…Especially,I miss all those childhood days of innocence when a teacher’s compliment meant the world!

Thinking about how I’m gonna switch to the new college environment  gives me mixed feelings!! But one consolation is that everyone is new to everyone!! so in feeling strange,I’ll have company!

As a school student,I used to make up stories in my head like how my college life would be.How I would stay in a hostel,take care of my things myself,what hairstyle I’ll choose,how I would be with my room mates,my seniors,etc..etc…..but it’s so true that things never turn out exactly how we think they would!!! For the next four years,I’ll be staying at home because I’ve been admitted in a college close to home :D..Never thought it would be this way,but God always gives me surprises! So I’ll have to make up stories in my head in a whole lot different way! 🙂

Ever since,I got admitted to a college,people around me have started sharing how their first day at college was…and how their entire college life was.So it’s really fun to listen to all those stories and words of wisdom.I know all those advices will help me through college for sure.Have you ever heard of this proverb ?”You can only take the horse to the well but can’t make it drink.. How true! Though I feel well equipped after listening to all those tales of experience,it’s still MY LIFE,my effort ,my turn..So it feels like a big leap to me.

I don’t know if I have to jump from a higher hill to a lower one,so that I can just give in to gravity and go with the flow or if I have to jump to a higher peak defying the gravity..but I’ve got my harness ( His words) holding me…So I’m just gonna ride forth singing or better leap forth singing!!


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