Jharkhand-A Revelation

This summer ,I was fortunate enough to travel to Jharkhand with my mom and dad.For those who don’t know,Jharkhand is a state in eastern India.Why was my trip fortunate?You will come to know..

When I said Jharkhand,I didn’t mean the cities or towns in it but the villages and hilly areas not known much to the outside world.Dad has been travelling to Jharkhand every year since 2005 to help the people there with veterinary aids.They are so ignorant that they do not know that cow’s milk is potable.This lack of nutrition¬† explains why a large number of people are pot-bellied.Their lands are not fit for cultivation and not many are educated,so animal husbandry is their only choice.Now,thanks to many missionary organisations like FMPB ,things are changing here,in Jharkhand.Children are given a good education and animal diseases are in check.

This trip was an eye-opening experience for me.It’s funny how I have so many things and still complain about it,I thought.There is absolutely no electricity in these villages.The people there can find their way back home from the cities even without a torch.That’s quite a talent,don’t you think? Many people have accepted Christ.Inspite of their poverty,they never fail to smile and greet us saying “Jey masi” which means “Praise the Lord” in their language.They always try to be hospitable to guests.No one’s a stranger to them.It was a nice experience having meals with them cooked in their style.

There aren’t any roads actually which makes transport difficult.But the thought of what laid ahead,kept us going.But ,it’s a totally lovely place- a place of scenic beauty.It’s a dry area,but even there some trees manage to survive and add beauty to the spot.The awe-inspiring hills and trees were a welcome distraction.The trip,on the whole was a learning experience.Taught me that I should smile in the midst of turmoil and appreciate the things I have been blessed with.

Pray for these people ,for more than food and money ,prayer is what they need.I present to you the other side of Jharkhand.

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