When the going gets tough….

The line ends thus: ….the tough get going.Someone wise and tough said so.What if we are not tough?Can’t we go on? Everyone on this world has a purpose and has to go on,right?

Practice what you preach”not as easy as it sounds.Even the person who coined the above phrase could have felt weak at one point or more in his/her life.To be honest,no one is optimistic throughout life.There comes a time which can turn any strong-hearted person weak.But what makes the difference is ,who makes it through.I’ve felt weak ,many a time.Like right now…When so much is expected of me and when I feel like I can’t handle it,I usually break down and start yearning for my grandparents who left the earth years ago.Sad times bring back all those sad memories which we wish hadn’t happened.But again,we gotta go on.

People say it is cowardly to cry.I don’t think so.Crying and letting it out,really helps(atleast for me).It doesn’t show that we are weak,it just shows we have emotions,and having them is not a bad thing.I often talk about this phrase-There is light at the end of the tunnel.”Sometimes I fail to believe it myself.Okay,what if the tunnel is not straight??You can’t see the light until you’re near right?Life is not always a straight path.But what keeps me going is the faith-the faith that there is light,even though it is not alwaysΒ  visible.

During all these not so good times,I cry my heart out,to the Lord.I tell Him I can’t do this alone and feel assured that I am not really alone.I have HIM beside.Hearing to people’s testimonies and thinking of those who inspire me really helps a lot.What I’m saying is,in the long run,it’s not really bad to feel weak.As humans,all of us do. Getting back on our feet is the difficult part but not the impossible part.

Most of the times,when my grandparents’Β  death reminds me of a great loss,it also pushes me to be more like them.To be optimistic and cheerful.Inspite of their sickness and pain,they never hesitated to smile.My worries are nothing when compared to what they had to go through or what Jesus had to go through on this earth.One question which keeps ringing in my ears ever since I attended a funeral service is -When the Lord tells me it’s time to go,will I say “Why not?” or “Why?no!”???

So this is my version of the quote:

When my going gets tough, the thought of the tough get me going.


6 thoughts on “When the going gets tough….

  1. HEy Tia… Nice to know you are reading this blog… THought I will introduce the both of you….

    LynAn, meet Tia… my good blog friend… n Tia, meet LynAn… my little niece.. (Not so little anymore)

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. Oh wow, LynAn is your niece?! This is a small world – even in the blog-o-sphere! lol Thanks Angel. This is amazing. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€


      PS. So glad to be introduced, LynAn!

      1. yeah Tia,she’s my aunt-the one who inspired me to start my own blog!! πŸ™‚ and yes,glad to be introduced!! ❀

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