Moonlit sky

This being the season of lunar phenomena, there was so much talk on the news about the longest lunar eclipse of the century and the darkest in 40 years.So,I decided to stay awake to behold the beautiful sight..But curiosity pulled me to our terrace well before the predicted time.

I expected the sky to be starry but it wasn’t.Just the moon and the clouds causing the moon to elude from my vision now and then.There was something magical about the night and the sky which kept me staring at it for hours.The sky is always beautiful,isn’t it??But how many times do we stop and notice or appreciate it’s beauty?Well me, not often! But when I do,I often end up lost in the spellbound beauty of the skies.And yesterday,as I mentioned earlier was a special night.

The moon playing hide and seek among the clouds prompted me to try my hand at photography.I admit,I did not have a proffesional camera or anything close to it.And it was pitch dark,the flash wouldn’t travel to the moon!!! That would result in not so good photographs but I simply wanted to do it! Irresistible u know! 🙂

And now I’m going to tell you why this night was special.Not simply because it was a lunar eclipse night. It was full moon.Absolutely no stars.Just the dark clouds cascading and hiding the moon from view..but still the moon was shining through.Though not clearly,you could see the bright circle behind all those dark clouds.And when it did emerge from behind,wow,it was an awesome sight..It wasn’t a starlit sky but a moonlit one.When there are stars around complementing the moon I often fail to appreciate the beauty of the moon coz the stars pull me towards them..but this time it was different.It was alone but still was shining through..amidst all those dark clouds.

Close to human life ,don’t you think???You are sometimes alone.But that doesn’t mean you have to stop shining.When you have that light within you ,inspite of the ever escalating troubles,you can manage to shine .That divine light..the Light of the World,our Jesus,will make us shine brighter than ever.Loneliness is never an excuse!!!

Besides the scientific explanation for all such phenomena ,there is this mighty Hand which shaped all these wonderful things miles above,THE SAME HAND WHICH HOLDS US NOW! How blessed!

So,now I present to you some of my amateur photographs.And I advise you to look closely to spot the clouds surrounding our hero…And by the way,sorry couldn’t capture the eclipse.. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Moonlit sky

  1. Love the photos gal….you did a pretty good job with the camera.. Reminded me of the times when I would go up to the terrace and stare at the sky…(mostly during the exam times. )

    n BTW, rani gama can’t stop talking about your blog .:) she sure enjoys reading it. She thinks you write well… And she’s not the only one who thinks that 😛

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