Do I know me??

I was walking out of my class one day,a couple of years back,when a younger girl approached me and asked ,”Sis,do you know LynAn sis?”I gave her a smile and told me it was me she was looking for..She burst out laughing and so did I…It was a funny incident sans doubt.

But now when I look back,her question actually needs a lot ofย  pondering on.Do I know me???”

So who am I?? When I first met my aunt Laura a few years back,she left a note for me which I consider really special and treasure it even today.She told me or enlightened me on who I was in Christ.

How secure is the feeling!!! That we are accepted and are significant in His eyes.It’s wonderful how He loves us beyond words could ever tell,and loves us the same yesterday,today and forever!So this is me in Christ,loved and accepted!! โค

Who am I to my family???

Well,second child,only daughter…much loved,I should say.Most of the time,I think I don’t live up to their expectations..but inspite of all my imperfections,I am accepted at home.When I was a child,this didn’t bother me much but now I have a strong desire to keep my parents happy,no matter what.As a child you don’t understand or try to understand what parents go through for us and their numerous sacrifices.But now,as I do,I respect them and love them all the more! Doesn’t mean I’m altogether a good child.I have my vices.Short-tempered sometimes,disobedient,lazy!!!! But still I’m my parents’ loving daughter and my bro’s special sister.Nothing can change that!

Who am I to my friends???

I happen to be a humorous person.(Guess I’ve mentioned it umpteen times in my posts..hahaha..sorry).So loneliness is not an issue for me as long as I’m in class or in a crowd.I can make jokes out of anything and nothing!!!(so they say! ๐Ÿ˜‰ )so that’s the first thing my friends will say when you ask them who I am.apart from that,I love my friends and make efforts to stay by them when they need support.I’m complicated sometimes in understanding things and am actually too good in jumping to conclusions,which is really bad..I know…My friends call me “nervous” sometimes or most of the time!They sometimes hate me for keeping things to myself.If it’s happy news,I share.If not,mouth zipped!I’m comfortable that way but my friends call that bad..Is it??maybe! So to my friends,I’m a complicated yet good friend to be with! (I believe!)

Who am I to people who hardly know me???

This is the funny part.Most of it’s not true but that’s what people think of me at first.Very silent !!! They think it’s so difficult to get an answer from my mouth.That’s what first time visitors to our house say.Once they get to know me,they know they’re wrong!I can just go on about a lot of things once I get accustomed to the place or people.So,most of my relatives end up thinking I’m a person of few words,but in reality,I’m not!But I’m not the bla..bla..type either.I know when to speak and when not to..(I think I do..)and one another thing is,people think I’m a nerdo.They find it hard to believe when I tell them I like music and singing more than studies and novels more than text books…Most of my classmates still have that impression about me ,I guess!! so to people who do not know me in person,I’m a silent,well-behaved and studious girl! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Who am I to the blogging world???

Who am I to you??? someone who blogs mostly about her personal life,things that fascinate her ,upset her ,her observations and so on.Well, it’s true.I blog mostly about me and things around me! I’m one among you ,who loves to write and chose blogging to do more of it!!!

Who am I to me???

Tough question! to me, I’m someone who learns a lot from her everyday mistakes..yes,I admit.I make mistakes everyday.Who doesn’t? I am someone who loves all that she’s blessed with and someone who strives to be a better daughter,a better sister,a better friend and a better human.I am a person who finds it sooo difficult to stick to sumthing,like,resolutions for that matter.(I stopped taking them nowadays).I am happy for the great things that happen in my life and also for the not so good things,coz that teaches me more about life and its challenges..I am imperfect in my unique way!!! and couldn’t ask for any better..

I am not the great “I AM” but by the grace of God,I am what I am -1 Corinthians 15:10 ๐Ÿ™‚


4 thoughts on “Do I know me??

  1. This is nice Pearlyn.. To know that you are confident of who you are. Only when we don’t know that, do we tend to mess up… n couldn’t hep thinking… u sound a lot like me ๐Ÿ™‚

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