What’s memory?? Well Oxford puts it this way-the faculty by which the mind stores and remembers information.Hmmm..How many times has your memory failed you???Quite a lot?I’m gonna write about my embarrassing moments  just because I forgot something!!

Just a few days ago at school as I was talking to my friend, I was reminded of something funny someone had told me.So I decided to share it with her, confident that this would give her a good laugh because she was a little upset that day.So I started narrating  the story. I made sure I gave it a good dose of expression so that she would love listening to it.As I was talking her through the entire incident ,she was just sitting still,listening without questioning…strange ,I thought..”Come on laugh ,it is funny..”

When I had finished telling her the entire story,she said “Very funny..oh wait,I think I remember this one….oh yeah,I was the one who told you this a week back!!!! But,I agree you did the narration better..” Oh my God….ah oh…..!!!???!!!???!!!!! EMBARRASSMENT written all over me!!!! Not only because I forgot that she was the one who told me about the incident but also because I had added a few extra bits to make it sound interesting.Actually,I succeeded in making her laugh but for the wrong reasons!!! :O

Okay,this is a funny embarrassment…but the next one…MY BAD! This happened during my board exams.We had to go to another school nearby to give our exams.About 4 or 5 schools had to give their exams in that particular centre. Just as we hopped off our school bus,a girl from the other school approached me with a smile…OH MY GOD,it’s childhood neighbour..The one I used to play with as a 7 year old..The one who used to accompany me to the parks..The one I took my very first photos friend,she’s here!!! She recognises me!!! wow!!!! oh wait, what’s her name???ah oh..come on…remember..remember……and here she comes!!! And the first question she asked was something I didn’t want her to ask..SHE: “Hey Pearl..remember me???”ME: “Yeah,I childhood friend…umm….it’s you,wow!”SHE:You don’t remember my name ,do you??? 😦 I’m Nisha,you stupid”….ME:Yeah,of course I do …I was just..umm..sorry dear..

How could I? I talk about her to my friends all the time..I think about her every once in a I forgot her name!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh 😥 Dear memory,you’re so not good…but you know how it is ,right???It was my board exams!! All that tension and anxiety made me forget my friend’s name for just a split second!!

I can just go on about such embarrassments that rose out of my stupid memory but you know there has been some good incidents too where my memory didn’t fail me..So dear bad memory,you’re forgiven! 🙂


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