The title just brings a sparkle to your face ,doesn’t it???? “Sparkle” brought a spark of joy to my life.She just turned me upside down the minute I saw her.Sparkle,the name given to a lovely dachshund.She wasn’t my dog but I wish I got more time to spend with her.She belonged to my friends-three sisters.Seeing the sisters care for Sparkle filled me with awe.I was not really a dog lover type inspite of my mom and dad being veterinary doctors.I cry at movies when someone loses a dog but in real life,I had no attraction towards this species only until I saw Sparkle.Now she’s lost,wandering somewhere wishing to get back to her sisters….And here I am,missing her as much as they do.


You came to my house, so little you were

With your sisters your side,a cute little bundle.

Keeping you close,they brushed all your hair

You looked very happy,the way you were cuddled.

There was something about you when I saw you in the eye,

A sparkle of joy-oh,you are rightly named!

As the needles pierced,you quietly lie,

A well behaved dog,so wonderfully tamed.

I wanted to touch you,I wanted to feel

The warmth of your body,the joy of your kiss.

your wide open eyes,they looked at me,

A dreamy second,a moment of bliss,

The moment of surprise,I knew it would flee.

You were in her lap,you were glad I could say,

But what have you done to me,you’ve changed who I was

From someone who used to shoo dogs away

To someone who doesn’t want this moment to pass.

You wagged your tail as you bid me goodbye

Oh!how I wished that you would just stay.

I didn’t see more of you as time seemed to fly,

Yet your sparkle I remembered every single day.

You’re gone,you’re lost,I heard your sisters say,

They are waiting for you,searching all way.

Did you just vanish to make someone else gay,

Or will you come back to us some other day???

It’s been four nights and a day since you left us here,

With failing hopes,we wait  for you to come.

There is so much void,don’t you know that dear??

The thoughts of your absence are making us numb.

I picture you in my mind like you’re there in my arms,

Or just you and your sisters and me watching over.

You changed my views,my hatred my all,

But where are you now,my cute little pal??

We are waiting,we’re praying,we want you back home,

Don’t deny us the gift,don’t fill us with gloom.

We are waiting for Sparkle to come back.If you’re reading this,please say a prayer for her.Don’t think she’s just a dog.She was our source of happiness.Miss you darling!


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