Go,Tell it on the mountains!

Go,tell it on the mountains!!! Sounds familiar??? Yeah, it’s a very famous song announcing the birth of our precious Jesus. View the lyrics and Listen to it here..So when I just ran into this song a few days ago,  I had this strong desire to “go and tell it on the mountains” what I received..Since going to a mountain and shouting is not a practical thing to do, I chose blogging to announce the good news…And as one version of the Bible puts it, “Go to your friends and tell them what great things the Lord has done for you.”(Mark 5:15)..So without any further ado,let me tell you of the wonderful things that happened in my life the past three years.

I stepped into 10th standard three years ago. Excited and looking forward as every other student entering school on the first day..But to be honest, a little worried too because we had our boards that year..The first few months were just “normal” like any other school year. Special mention-I loved my 10th std so much, more than any other year at school..According to me,it was the last year one could be so free and child-like at school, because once we step into 11th and 12th it’s a whole new world…So, I had a very good time at school though there was strenuous study requirements on one side;)…..But the later days were not as good as the beginning..

New Year 2009..New years always come with a lot of new dreams, hopes and etc…not in my case.I began the new year with a sickness. After experiencing difficulty to write, I consulted a doctor(a neurologist,to be exact) who diagnosed me with Writer’s Cramp. So I had to go through a lot of medications immediately as my exams were just two months away. I did not know the Lord personally at that time… My medications only made me more drowsy,fat and depressed…I used to wake up in the mornings with so much pain in my ribs, like someone’s actually crushing them. I stopped attending school. I used to have a history of wheezing , so the medications for Writer’s Cramp easily triggered that. Then,I’ll stop all my medicines for Writer’s Cramp and take some for wheezing which trigerred Writer’s Cramp…Can’t put in  words the pain I went through.

But during this process, there’s something good that happened. Since medicines failed to relieve me, I realised, that only the Lord could heal me and save me..My parents prayed for me day and night and told me the good news whenever I was in a good mood to listen because most of the time I was in a frenzy..The Lord’s words started penetrating this sinner’s heart and I accepted Him as my personal saviour on March 5,2009.

I still had problems writing and there was no chance I could finish my 2 and a half hour tests on time. So, my parents decided to approach the government with my medical reports ,claiming extra time to write my exams..My family suffered a lot during these times with so much tension , anxiety and worry about me. It took forever for the documents to reach the concerned officials and we did not get a positive reply yet. On March 17, just a day before the commencement of my exams,my dad decided to try one more time and this time he decided to go to Chennai himself. But minutes before he boarded the train, our school received a phone call from Chennai,saying our reports had reached them and that I could take extra one hour to complete each exam..We were awe-struck at the work of the Lord’s hands. He was waiting for the right time to show his mercy. How good our Lord is!!! The period of waiting only brought me closer to God. And not to forget, I did not use any medicine for Writer’s Cramp thereafter. And my beloved Math sir , who’s no more, Mr.Peter Ponraj also played a great role in encouraging me during such hard times…Miss him so much.

I faced my exams that year with some difficulty in writing but I could feel the presence of my good Lord all  through..All through the holidays I worked on building my relationship with God and it was an oh so wonderful experience..And I scored 96% in my exams. 🙂

I was stubborn in my decision not to use any medicines and I had faith that God will give me His strength..In my 11th and 12th classes I used to experience some difficulty now and then but I  never left any paper incomplete. God was so faithful that way. Though I didn’t like higher secondary as much as my 10th, the two years went pretty well..I fell sometimes out of faith but my family’s prayer support always got me back on my feet. I had a lot of friends these two years but not many dependable or close ones.But it was okay, because God was always there. I wouldn’t say I was always strong in the Lord..I made mistakes too but the lessons learnt were valuable.

Ask anyone in my class, they would call me the sensitive one,the nervous one and etc..and towards the end of my 12th, I experienced some serious difficulty in writing during one of my Chemistry revision exams. There were some screaming  jubilantly inside but some of my teachers and Chemistry sir gave me so much comfort and more than that my Jesus soothed me…I skipped the test that was conducted in the morning but decided to take up the test in the evening..I was pretty nervous but sir asked me to be calm and take as much time as I want.There were some in the classroom who thought aloud that this was unfair..So I prayed I should finish my exam on time and guess what, I did!!! God did not let me down or bring me shame! Some thought my life was finished as the problem sprang up again but God proved them wrong!!!!

I wrote my board exams with the grace of God and God gave me a good score of 97% which wouldn’t have been possible without him. And I had opted for French as my second language that year..As I was new to this language I was afraid as to how my performance would be but God blessed me with the state second mark in French :’)

These three years gave me so much- hope, discouragement, happiness,sorrow,laughter,tears, fullness,void and much more..but I also learnt that I should wait for the Lord’s perfect time for there’s light at the end of the tunnel 🙂


7 thoughts on “Go,Tell it on the mountains!

  1. I’m so proud you, my gal… Finding JEsus is the best thing that can happen in anyone’s life. Now, it does not matter what happens in the future cause the Lord will see you through it. Blessed aren’t we?

  2. Hey…wonderful article. More than that..very passionate and very true. You did tell it to the mountains. Amazing are you and your ardent faith in the Lord. I know this article was not something written to be praised but written to feel the Glory of the Lord and what He can do..but i can’t help it but flatter and little jealous coz i can’t write like that.The reason being that faith is a gift i haven’t been fully blessed with. Anyways, I’m happy for you.Hope life brings you more pearls jus like you to your way..and a few less perils. Know you are fully worth it.

    P.S. Not to play spoil sport here but you made a small error with the date. Its March 5,2009 and March 17,2009 before the commencement of the tests..28th and 33rd lines respectively. No error with the actual message though. Keep blogging..

  3. Gr8 article sis!! Praise the Lord 4 all the wonders He has worked in ur lyf!! 🙂 I’m happy 4 u. N state 2nd in French? Dat’s awesum congrats 🙂 our God does work in wondrous ways.. even I finished my Chemistry paper by His abundant grace for the first time n dat too in d public exam! All glory n honor n praise to Him alone!!

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