It’s just amazing,don’t you think???Thinking back on our past and realising how things have taken a turn…..So I’m just running a recap of my life-my preferances then and now…Maybe it’ll fit you too!!!

A baby..just born….and they name it “Pearlyn”..aww….(I know what you’re thinking..yeah,I don’t remember the moment…I’m just picturising from what I’ve heard 🙂 🙂 )When we are about 1 or 2 years old,family means the most to us..because they are the only ones we know and are comfortable with…THEY ARE OUR WORLD!!! They were my world…All those hugging,lifting and kissing must have hurt, but that’s how I know I belong with them….

Then I grew up,time to go to school….My dad and mom drive me to a place of which I had no clue then..They leave me with a complete group of strangers..My eyes are welled with tears..Even the answer to the simplest question “What is your name” wouldn’t come..I was scared.Won’t I see my mom anymore??Oh,they abandoned me!! :(..Then comes a light,my mom’s back,to TAKE ME HOME!!! Oh how glorious the moment!!! So now, I know…I’m in a “school” where I have to stay from morning till noon and then my mommy will come to pick me up!!! OK,sounds good:)

Then days passed(as always)..When I stepped into primary school from KG,school meant everything to me…I loved attending classes.all those snack breaks and lunch breaks(no,no,I’m not a food buff..just saying :p)..getting a golden star everytime you come first in exams…Wahhh…..thats was the Nobel Prize of those days to me!!! :)So, then I knew I had two places to call home -HOME and SCHOOL!!!!

Then I graduate to my higher classes(by which I mean 4th and 5th )…That’s when you like to dress up on our don’t want mom to help you anymore..YOU GET YOUR OWN FASHION STATEMENT !!! Yay….I became closely attached to my dresses!!! I always plan in advance what to wear for the next Sunday service-the clips,the bangles,the everything!!! When I outgrew my dresses,I felt a sharp pain in my heart..It felt like I have to let go a part of mine:( (Oh ,how I felt when mom said the black velvet frock was too short to wear!! 😦 )So that was me in my 9s and 10s…Belongings meant the most to me( Still remember how gama teased me “pottalam kettiyar”)

OK,so now, growing up again…..9th and 10th classes….that’s when you really feel like you’re a big girl for real..from frocks to chudis in school….school elections!!! wooo!!! WE ARE THE SENIORS!!!! The teachers are not giving us scripts for programs..WE ARE PLANNING THEM!!!!so now, We have some respect (ahem ahem) now, Friends become the world to us..there are numerous gangs in one class , hanging out together,( and deep down ,wanting to be the best gang in schhol 😉 )We are ready to do anything for our friends..almost anything…you just become friends with anyone who says they will be your friend forever…and you feel so much blessed,feeling like you have someone to hold on to forever… 🙂

Then the board exams pop up….tension,anxiety,results,admissions…nd now STD 11!!!!Super seniors!!! Std 11 and 12 were like the most important years in my life so far..That’s when you realise a lot of think different..and that’s when gadgets are so cool to us ;)..competion, elections,fights( God!!! u must have seen our class guys!!),disappoinments, laughs,tears,…..These are the years which give you the taste of every single emotion in this world…Time flies by so quickly these 2 years..and now time for FAREWELL 😦

This is when I discoverd the true friends in my life..Not all who promised “forevers” keep them…There’s so much crying in the farewells(Hey, I didn’t )….and then things take a turn in the holidays….you come to know the people who you can truly trust..YOU GO TO THE BEGINNING AGAIN….now family is everything to you..the few true friends I found are also my family now… have some clarity of thoughts…you know what comes begin to prioritise things….SO THIS IS LIFE…ahhh..finally…..

Now all you do is depend so much on God and parents…this is the last proper time I’ll get to have with them…After college, things will be different….So now, you know , life is a’re back to the familiar environment you once had…. 🙂


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